Nissan Leaf Summary

Nissan has unveiled its success promising ‘Leaf’ to automobile market. Unlike Toyota ‘Prius’ or GM ‘Volt’, which are made of hybrid and plug-in hybrid engine system, Leaf runs solely on electricity. Nissan started developing Leaf in 1992, investing massive 6 billion dollars to create this extremely environment-friendly vehicle. Leaf has a table-sized battery installed under the drivers’ seat which can run about 160 kilometers when fully charged. The owner of Leaf will need to purchase a 2000 dollar battery charging equipment in their garage for their convenience.

Carlos Taveres, America’s Nissan chairman, says that hybrids and plug-in hybrids are just another ‘phase’ of this pure electric car. He says that it only costs 2 dollars and 50 cents to fully charge the car, and even assures that there won’t be any gas stations in the future. Nevertheless, some people doubt the capability of Nissan ‘Leaf’ because the price of this electric vehicle is too high while technology keeps on improving. Leaf will be sold in Canada by the end of this year, however, the price of Leaf hasn’t been announced yet. Experts assume that the price of Leaf will be about twenty thousand dollars. By driving in electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles, we can make a significant contribution to making our environment much greener. Fuel efficient cars produce fewer emissions (even no emission at all) and smog-producing gases than less-efficient cars do. Therefore, it reduces pollution in the air that we all breathe in.

These fuel efficient cars are also more efficient in city traffic and the battery never needs to be plugged in as the gas motor charges when the car is running. People nowadays are very concerned about the amount of money they spend on gas. According to a survey, (, 2010) it is reported that drivers spend averagely 260 dollars for gas each month.

I am positive that some people including myself spend more than 260 dollars on gas every month. I seriously thought of switching to a hybrid car after I’ve found out that Prius, a Toyota Hybrid car, runs about 50 kilometers per litre when my car can only go 9 kilometers per liter. Its gas consumption is almost 5 times more than Prius! There must be so much that we can do with the money saved up from gas expenses. For example, we can save it, spend it on leisure time, buy books, go on a vacation, or even donate for a good will! We are not sure if the gas price will keep on rising, but we also realize that the price of gas will not go down dramatically any time soon. Once these fuel efficient cars become popularized, we can certainly save two things: our environment, and money from our pocket. So what would be the right move?

Vision Report

Hybrid cars are becoming popular due to the cost of gasoline price going up and the move to save the environment. Hybrid cars are being built to look like gas fueled cars. Although Hybrid cars are not mainstream as of yet, in the future they will more than likely replace gas only fueled cars. There are three most popular cars on the market that uses hybrid technology: Toyota Prius, Honda Civic Hybrid and the Ford Escape Hybrid. Many car producing companies aim to create these environment-friendly cars for two main reasons: saving our environment and raising gas price. Our globe has warmed over the past 40 years due to human activities that raise carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. Pollution CO2 emissions from Canadian cars and trucks totaled 280 million tons in 2009. This fact is absolutely mindboggling. We all need to take a stand to the rest of the world when it comes to cutting down pollution of the Earth. Water and air pollution make our planet so much less beautiful, and it has many fatal effects on human and other Earth’s organisms. Every WTO countries are working on reducing CO2 emissions to see improvement within the next 15 years.

Any country which are not participating in this action will have to pay fine. In the future, environmental issues will become such a big problem, therefore, environment-related industry will show a huge growth than past. Hybrid technology is one of them, and that is why most automobile companies put enormous amount of money into developing hybrid or electrical cars. Another crisis is the price of gasoline. It is a major interest to almost everyone in the country and almost everywhere in the world. It seems that every month and sometimes every day, gas prices are either spiking or dropping, but never stable. Gas price nowadays is the highest gas price increase since 1990. As consumers across the country drive up to gasoline pumps to fill their tanks, they are all asking the same questions- why are prices rising so quickly to such high levels? People spend more on gasoline and have less money to spend on other purchases these days. According to Statistics Canada,

Canadians drive more than 4.2 trillion kilometers per year, burning up 1 liters of gasoline. Scientists announced that fossil fuel will be depleted within 50 years and it is natural that the gas price will go up. Most products require burning up of gasoline in order to be produced, and we will need sufficient amount for economic growth. People who are concerned about the environment and the gas price have already begun to recognize the potential of hybrid and electric cars. By driving in electric or hybrid vehicles, we can contribute to making our environment greener, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and gasoline usage.