New Laws to Control Cyber Data

New Laws will allow authorities to collect and monitor Australian’s internet records The new law will specifically target suspected cyber criminals. It will not go as far as keeping each and every one of the Australian internet user’s internet history in the name of national security. Australian state and federal police will have the power to force Telco’s and internet service providers to keep the records of people suspected for cyber crimes. Only the records made after the request will be retained. Law enforcement agencies will be prevented from seeing the information until they have secured a warrant.

It is hard for authorized policemen to gather information of suspected cyber criminals because some Telco and internet providers keep deleting internet users data. Federal Attorney-General Nicola Roxon said that the new laws will protect Australians from cyber crime, allow Australia to join the Council of Europe Convention on Cybercrime. She added that cyber crime is increasing and affects everyone. She stated that it will be complex to address cyber crime partly because the internet is not limited to any one country.

Scott Ludlam communications spokesperson for the Greens has expressed concerns that, under the law, cyber criminals caught overseas may face harsher penalties compared to Australian penalties and that this may include capital punishment. The parliamentary committee will report on submissions regarding the proposed new laws on a date to be decided. The article noted that the new laws would allow access to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Some people might say that this will be an invasion of their privacy; I say why would you put private things on the internet?

Another issue seems to be the right of privacy for cyber criminals versus the responsibility of a nation to protect citizens from cyber crime. I think it is ridiculous because again why would you put private stuff on the internet and it is more important that we, honest citizens of society, are safe then allowing the criminals to use their rights to harm others. I think the proposed new laws to give police the ability to effectively investigate cyber crime are completely reasonable. Official scrutiny of internet use poses no threat to law abiding people. Scott Ludlam is absolutely preposterous showing pity to cyber criminals.

Cyber criminals choose to use computers to harm others for their own gain: victims of crime are not trying to hurt anyone through their computer use. So I say do whatever you want with the criminals, I don’t care! Off with their heads! I don’t understand why it has taken so long to reach this stage. I think it should have been considered way before now. Cyber crime has been established for a long time and people are entitled to the protection of their government. In my opinion, the proposed new law will provide more benefits then threats to most Australians: is overdue and is essential for effective law enforcement in cyber space.