Federal law Example

Thanks a lot for granting me a chance to express my opinions regarding the above named bill which you have co-sponsored with Sen. Nicholas P. Scutari (D- Union). I am a registered voter, a registered nurse, and a New Jersey resident. Firstly, I wish to let you know that, I FULLY SUPPORT your bill. Politically, legalizing medical marijuana is a violation of the federal law that bars any use of marijuana. However, laws should not be meant for oppressing the people, rather they should protect and uphold the dignity of those governed.

Legalizing medical marijuana is one such measure of ensuring that the dignity of those living in extreme pain is upheld. Medical research shows that marijuana is more effective and safer in reducing pain and trauma among the terminally ill persons. Moreover, the essence behind this bill is not to legalize the use of marijuana for recreational use, BUT ONLY for specific medical conditions. Unlike what have happened in other states that legalized medical marijuana such as California, the bill does not in any way leave a chance for the wrong people to access marijuana for their own use.

The bill will also induce the much needed confidence among the members of the nursing profession, who have carried out research and confirmed that marijuana is indeed an effective medical prescription. As a registered nurse whose core duty is to safeguard the health of the members of the public, I believe in good health and decent lives for all the people. Hence the terminally ill should not be left to suffer while we have an option. Please see the attached literature review regarding the efficacy of medical marijuana for more details.

I am hoping that you will lobby intensively to gain enough support among fellow members of the senate. Thanks in advance. Yours sincerely, ******’ (Voter/Nurse/Resident) • References: Cabral, . (2001). “Marijuana and Cannabinoids: Effects on Infections, Immunity, and AIDS. ” Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics, Vol. 1 Doblin, R. , & Kleiman, M. A. R. (1991). Marijuana as Antiemetic Medicine: A Survey of Oncologists’ Experiences and Attitudes. Journal of Clinical Oncology. Harper, D. (2008-12-18). Medical Marijuana Act passes NJ Panel.

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