Negotiate with group members your own contribution to group goals and activities

My contributions towards the group were that I had demonstrated good ability in conducting research individually. During this I have also demonstrated good ability in using verbal and non-verbal communication when working as a team. By using these methods I have managed to engage with fellow group members professionally where I had managed to address my topics and made the team aware around the significant into my chosen topic of Domestic Violence.

Furthermore, by liaising and listening to fellow team we had understood the relevant of the topic with our individual work practices. GoalsMy goals included exploring around the ranges of support available for DV suffers, charities which provide supports for victims and how understanding this issue more will inform the group around the challenges which we make encounter. I therefore, researched into governments and charities websites exploring into the numbers and statistics of suffers to DV and produced relevant evidence in which to address this topic.

ActivitiesDuring the presentation I had used information which had made other group members understand the severity of DV and by being informed around this topic they can also support people in these areas of needs. 1. 2 Analyses your role within the group and negotiate your strengths with other group members, identifying improvement which could be made to your work practice. My task for the presentation included using researched information around the cultural differences in Domestic Violence.

For example, where some communities seen this practice as norm and where victims can also include male, looking around the challenges which social workers face and how these matter are dealt with by the current legislations in order to support victims of violence. StrengthsMy strengths within the group setting where that I had used good body language when engaging with my team members, this included eye contact and hand gesture to express my views. I have also managed to work effective by sharing responsibilities; this was when questions that where asked to

other members I had therefore intervened and responded to these questions with confident as I felt I have informed and knowledge to this topic. Improvements to be madeSome of the ranges of improvements which can be made from this example are: time management, speaking louder and planning on presentations. In order to work effectively with either team members or with service users these will be compulsory when engaging with people or otherwise it may cause disengagement for both groups in communicating. 2.

1 Plan activities which meet the group goalsThe topic which had been agreed by Fatuma, Shopna and I are issues relating to Domestic Violence. As you may be aware that this subject is broad, we had therefore devised to talk about this in some definition for example figures, fact statistics and any other information that you may also find that is useful to Domestic Violence. Our presentation had been broken down into 4 main areas and the research and task which each person has been allocated are as follow:Shopna tasks includes:Intro, definition, forms of Domestic Violence, facts and figures and Legislation available for suffers.

As greed, you will start the initial presentation liberating on key information that you have found on this subject. Having said this, please debrief everyone so that we have researched into the same topic as to you. Fatumah tasks includes:Affects of Domestic Violence, support available, i. e. Victim Support and cause of Domestic Violence. As you are currently volunteering with Victim Support may have some knowledge into the cause, affects and implication of violence towards family members and those concerned. I would also advise that you bring leaflets from any source on violent behavior towards victims.

Bodrul tasks includes:Implication towards suffer, dealing with Domestic Violence, cultural acceptance and how it is deal with by various support groups. I will mostly focus this topic on culture acceptance. In addition, I will require everyone to brief me on the work which he has done, this way, we have similar subject to follow by.

Group tasks includes:conclusions that we all have found to Domestic Violence, that men can also be victim to this (you will need to do research ASAP), whether there are misconceptions to this and include any information which you can add at the end, as everyone will be doing the conclusion.

Conclusion will be done as a group. 2. 2 Organise own activities in order to meet responsibilitiesTo meet my own responsibilities I had liaised with my team in organizing the structure of our presentation, each member had their own responsibilities in finding relevant information and where each person produced handouts for evidence purposes. My own responsibilities included updating each members around my own research and suggesting whether these information where appropriate or not.

As there where many information that was found to this topic I had therefore spoken to the group and used handouts which where informative and brief. In order to oversee that this team work where being produced effectively and systematically I had therefore spoken to each member on a daily basis where I had managed to sure that team work where produced. 3. 1 Evaluate your own and other group member contribution to planning group activitiesTo make the presentation engaging my role and contribution to this included researching into the definition of violence, as a general concept.

In addition, I have planned to talk around some definition to this as well and bring some sources to my own research. Upon talking to my team members I have suggested that I will present my information after Fatumah and Shopna, who talk around some statistic and concern of such activity. Group planningOur plan was that Fatumah would talk around some key definition to her topic, which would consist of using around 10-15 minutes of the presentation time.

As she had much information to this, it had been reduced by using key information. Secondly, Shopna would be using facts and figures and Legislation available for suffers. We had planned that during the presentation we will intervene where necessary in order to use our own findings. 4. 1 Carryout own responsibilities modifying them when appropriateMy responsibilities within the group setting were to talk around the concern into domestic violence and effect which this has towards suffers.

I therefore, had been given responsibilities to inform the audiences around support and provision available to them and ways in which people can engage in these areas. During the presentation few amendments where made due to having fewer group members then anticipated. Some of the ranges of changes which had been made where:Conclusion to our findings, as we also added the number of suffering from violence and included government statisticWhy this topic is relevant to our work practice and it is the groups common goalSome the local and national agency4.

2 Participate fully in the successful completion of the activitiesFor the successful completion of my group activities I have demonstrated this by engaging, working, organizing, structuring and also listening to my team members view points to our chosen subject to Domestic Violence. Having researched into our chosen topic I had become further aware around the needs into this topic and also become aware of the severity which these have on suffers. By understanding these concerns from researching I had managed to express these concerns to my team members and agreed with individual group to complete to our tasks.

Therefore, in order to make this task successful the arrangement which I have conducted where as follows:Organising team work, this consisted of using and sharing ideas from each members of the groupUsing communication skills where I had used by verbal and non-verbal skills in engaging with my team and the audiencesBeing open to audiences and using eye contact to address my acknowledgement and respect to the teamAlthough these are number of areas which I have completed, further improvements can be made by time management and the use of using or speaking louder.

5. 1 Evaluate own contribution in relation to the overall group aimBefore the group presentation we had meet each members of our team to discuss the ranges of topic which would need to be covered for our task. Previous to this, each person was allocated in researching, looking at concern from various organisations, producing statistics and presenting this information? s in order to carryout group aims.

Having used my communication skills in engaging with each other, each member of the team used their presentational skills in order to present information around their chosen and allocated areas of Domestic Violence. In addition, I have overseen that each member had vital information which were relevant to our topic. Other aims which I had set up for each team member were:Which groups are effected with Domestic Violence, is it only women are suffers to thisDo certain cultures expect theseHow easy are these organization to get in touch with5.

2 Analyze and evaluate a range of changes which could be made to enable the group to work more effectivelyIn order for our team to work more effectively in the further, we can improve this by using range of organizational skills, team work and communication and where this is structured to meet the given presentational tasks. As group discussion is paramount in the engagement of team working, this can be improved by meeting each member of the team finalising around the tasks which is to be presented. In addition, using various ideas to each member?

s topic and elaborating these further would make this topic more informative and more engaging when finalizing our presentation. Other benefit to these could include:Each member of the team being informed around the specify topic and where this not repeated by another memberTime management is vital in the engagement of follow colleagues and team membersTo let each person talk one at a timeAllow others to take over in a courteous and respectful wayBy following these measures it would ensure that our presentation is organized and structured in systematic way and that each member being well informed around our topic.