The need of abiding with the Law in the chosen Profession

Globalization has fully extended its scope in influencing the daily activities of individuals.  According Human Behavior in Organization, what seemed to be the main issue on how and why people tend to get a certain point of enthusiasm on something and how it shall affect that individual’s perception on what to take in his future, are dependent on the environment and the influences that one has dwelled on to.  In my case, since that I am on the verge of knowing my true self, I manage to swim in an ocean of challenges, which I prudently believe is fit enough for my capacity and echelon of skills so as not to trip on any decision that I intend to make.

Humanity blatantly stress the need of getting employed in a certain point of time, thus, such pre-requisite does not only involve the perception of what one may be able to gain in the realm of financial quo, but to give further focus onto how a certain job is able to meet an array of satisfaction in the most appropriate purpose it may benefit one.  Upon evaluating my level of rationality, I believed in the extreme urge that my sense of compassion towards people and my outraging desire to help improve the societal degree of any organization entails one to be a Human Resource Manager.

In further illustration of the latter, it makes one become sensitive in the needs, demands and the performance of the employees in a company, hence, not undermining the essence of morality and stake of individuality.  With such profession, I shall be able to fulfill my regards on the arena of social enhancement, and at the same time, boosting my responsibility as a citizen aiming to help the economy of the country.

The concept which seemingly surfaces in my enthusiasm of such, floats my ability and capacity of adhering the laws stated in employment, appraisal and performance management as an HRM, as well as with the virtues and ideals I have acquired in school in uplifting the pride and honor of the country. If one needs to keep a certain job, and live in a serene form of living, then one must learn to abide with the rules.  All of which tantamount to a mutual benefit not only for myself, but for others as well.


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