Nature Continuously Suffer From Inhumane Activities

When was the last time you sat down under a tree? When was the last time you consider going to a park to relieve stress? According to Martin Luther King Jr., “For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver.” We need to appreciate our nature and we should take care of it because each and everyone of us is a steward of nature. Inhumane acts on nature will have consequences in the far future. Nature is the first thing we need to secure for the next generation can still have it and preserve for it for other generations as well.

Today, nature continuously suffer from inhumane activities and we don’t know when will the last tree stands with us, when is the last you will see perfectly shaped mountain or a beautiful creature living in those forest. Here are some three inhumane acts towards the nature and how it affects it. One of the thousand inhumane acts that are affecting our nature is the illegal logging that are happening from the past and until this present day. Many forests and mountains are now in the tip of extinction because of illegal loggers, although they support water system and food production and as well combating climate change, some bigger forests are responsible and plays a bigger part on supplying oxygen in the earth. So, what is illegal logging? It is the harvesting of wood that is in violation of the national law in the protected areas.

The effect of this inhumane acts towards the nature are deforestation, loss of biodiversity in the affected area and greenhouse gases emission. It also affects the indigenous people who are living in the said area and it violates their human rights because their land and houses are being destroyed by the illegal loggers. This problem is spreading continuously around the world and in every country because there are only few people who shows care and responsibility in taking care of our forest from those illegal loggers. The second one is illegal mining, that is also spread and ravaging every country around the world. It is riskier in terms of safety perspective and not only to those persons who take part to it but to also the nature itself because it can lead to outcomes that have a long-term problem or consequences in the mining area. Illegal mining is a mining activity that takes place when miners have no permission from the state, they have no license and no permit for them to use the mining place.

The environment risk of illegal mining are, sinkholes that can appear anywhere in the world because the underground lacks water and soil because of mining so the tendency of the ground above will sink, the other one is the loss of biodiversity due to illegal mining, because when a miner mines in a certain place, the miner destroys the biodiversity or the habitats on the animals in that certain area. Some of its impact may give a long-term problem such as soil and water contamination and it takes years or decades for it to be correct and good again. The third one is keeping the cows almost permanently pregnant for them to keep lactation and keep producing large amount of milk for the farmers who owns them. The cows are called dairy cows or cattle because they are bred for the ability to produce a large amount of milk and make more dairy products.

The cows are always pregnant so they produce large amount of calves, the female calves are raised and in the future they will be a dairy cow too and produce big amount of milk just like her mother, the male calves are raised too but they have a cruel future ahead where they are slaughtered and gather their meat for the farmers and sell it to the people. When the mother cow can’t produce milk anymore, they will be sent to the slaughter-house and be killed for their meat. It is animal cruelty because they abuse the mother cows for milk and it also affects cows mentally, when the mother gave birth to its offspring the farmers will immediately take it and leave the mother alone. So, depression will make its own path, living in life like this which is repeatedly getting impregnated is so sad and abusive.

Out of the many examples of inhuman acts towards nature, we chose three examples and these are illegal logging, illegal mining, and animal abuse specifically on cows. Illegal logging is an inhumane act that affecting the nature by deforestation, which causes soil erosion and it can landslide and it can pollute the waters too. Illegal mining destroys the biodiversity or habitats of an animal, this can also cause weak soil and water contamination. Animal abuse is also an inhumane act, treating animals bad. Female cows are always pregnant to produce milk and when they can’t produce milk they are being put in the slaughterhouse to be killed for their meat. Male cows are being put in the slaughterhouse to be killed for their meat also. When the mother cow has given birth to an offspring, they only leave the mother cow alone. We should take care of our nature for we should preserve it so that the other generations can still have nature.