National Crime Victimization Survey

The myth that all rapists are unknown and they hide in dark deserted streets and bushes are all wrong. Only 2% of rapists are unknown and 26% strangers. The rest are either friends, relatives or someone whom the victim knew (National Crime Victimization Survey, 2005). In a research web-article by Mesa Community College, different typologies of rapist are addressed. The first type is the self doubt rapist who account for 81% of rapists. They are the polite ones and do not tend to harm the victim, but the motive behind their act is to resolve their insecurities and they do that by proving their masculinity.

The second type is the anger excitation rapist. They are the aggressive ones and their motive for rape is sexual gratification by hurting the other person. The third type is called the power assertive rapist. He, as the name suggests, is motivated by power and the desire to prove his virility. Last but not the least, anger retaliatory rapist, his motivation is punishing or degrading women or their victim. This part of the article clarifies that out of four types one rapist commits crime for sexual gratification and two out of four commit rape for power, virility and to degrade women.

Thus this somewhat proves our hypothesis that rape occurs in order to demonstrate power and control. The rapist whose motivation was sexual gratification accounted for approximately 2% rapists while the rapist who were motivated by power and desire to degrade the victim, in total accounts for 17% of the rapists. The University of Oklahoma, Women's Outreach Center, also presents some research on why men rape. The article discusses the trauma that the victim faces after the incidence. The only question that bothers the person is why was I raped?

They blame themselves and they accuse themselves for inviting the situation. The article also goes on to say that rapist cannot be distinguished from other normal persons easily as they are not sex maniacs but someone very ordinary. Someone whom you will never think of as being a rapist. The article discusses many causes for rape. It states that socialization is a major contributor to rape cases. In our society males are considered to be dominant creatures and who are superior to females.

They tend to be aggressive and powerful and females are supposed to be submissive and polite. The best way for a man to show his maleness is by the act of rape. Why? Because rape is violent, it humiliates women and makes the perpetrator the man in control. According to this article by University of Oklahoma, rapists have more or less the same motives. The factors that determine their behavior are desire for power and control, anger and aggression, and sense of supremacy by humiliating the victim.

What ever the reason be the underline factor is that rape is not a sexual act. Instead it is a violent act that takes place by means of sexual activity. That is why rape is a violent crime. The assault can be of any type. Simple assault or an aggressive one, the purpose is the same and that is power, control and anger. This supports the hypothesis that factors like control and power are what drive rapists to commit this horrendous crime. No element of pleasure or attraction is involved.

Moreover, the Kids Health Organization states that “rape is not about passion and has nothing to do with love. Rape is an act of aggression and violence” (http://kidshealth. org/teen/your_mind/problems/rape_what_to_do. html) It further goes on to mention that rapists use force to take control of the victim. At times the victim is drugged so he/she has lost the ability to resist. Rape is a crime and not sex. Furthermore, Lisa Vetten in her article Why Men rape states an interview excerpt of a rapist. "I was a comrade before.

Then we were no longer given political tasks. Most of the tasks were given to senior people. I felt that we have been used by these senior comrades because I do not understand why they dumped us like this. Myself and six other guys decided to form our own organization that will keep these senior comrades busy all the time. We formed the South African Rapist Association (Sara). We rape women who need to be disciplined. They do not want to talk to most people. They think they know better than most of us and when we struggle, they do not want to join us"