Name of Software Use in Engineering

1. 3D Structural Modeling Software- 3D+* An AutoCAD based parametric modeling, analysis, design and drawing system for structural engineers. Includes program description with downloadable videos. Offers online ordering and technical support. 2. Archon Engineering

* Makers of civil and mechanical engineering software, specializing in finite element analysis tools 3. ASCAD* Software for civil engineers and land-surveyors that automates the implementation production rules for laying out civil engineering drawings. From CADCOM. 4. CAiCE Software Corporation* Makers of civil software automation tools for survey, civil design, construction and drainage engineers 5. Carlson Software* Makers of several AutoCAD- and IntelliCAD-compatible surveying, civil engineering, hydrology/sewer, mining, and GIS applications, including Carlson Survey, Carlson Civil, Carlson Hydrology, Carlson Mining, and Carlson GIS 6. DTWARE Engineering Software

* Software for column and continuous beam analysis.7. Eagle point Software* Architectural, civil and construction software, including AutoCAD add-ons 8. ELPLA* To analyze and design slab foundations and to determine contact pressures, settlements, moments and shear forces of slab foundations by the method of finite elements. 9. Contrusoft* Offers the programs : Xsteel, a 3D modeling system for steel structures; Powerframe, for analyzing structures in steel, concrete and timber and Powerplate, to analyze plates with using the finite element method (FEM). Description of programmes and services offered. Examples of structures developed with these programmes. 10. 3D Nature’s world Construction Set

* Photorealistic 3D terrain visualization for cartography, architecture, civil engineering, golf, forestry and land planning. 11. ARTS Hydraulic Design Software* A graphical hydraulic design package covering waterhammer,water/wastewater treatment design, open channel flow and pipe networks. 12. Autodesk Civil* Builds on Autodesk Land Desktop with tools that automate civil engineering tasks and enhance collaboration on projects from transportation engineering to hydraulics, site development to hydrology

13. AutoTurn* CAD-based software for simulating vehicle maneuvers for transportation design, by Transoft Solutions 14. BOSS International* Makers of civil engineering software for groundwater, surface water and terrain modeling, plus applications for hydrology and wastewater treatment 15. CDS* A suite of civil design and survey software for Cogo, contouring, subdivision and roadway design. Free 60-day trial. From Foresight Software. 16.* Engineering software store features a wide selection of products with downloadable demos of most products. From KRC Technologies Inc. 17. Ezicad* Integrated package for cogo and contour routines and road design.Download the program for a free 14-day tryout. 18. Geocomp Systems* Makers of software for survey, civil design, volume estimation and setout projects, including Geocomp, GeoCalc and Geonav 19. STAAD Pro software for Structural Analysis and Design * STAAD.Pro is #1 software for structural engineers to analyze and design virtually any type of structure through its flexible modeling environment, advanced features and fluent data collaboration. * STAAD Pro has Flexible modeling which is provided by a state-of-the-art graphical environment and the design supports over 70 international codes and over 20 U.S. codes in 7 languages. 20. Rcolumn

* Analyzes reinforced concrete columns for biaxial bending in accordance with the provisions of the AASHTO and ACI Codes for Working Stress, Service Load, and Load Factor designs. Features, screenshots and download. 21. Spencer Engineering Software

* For the evaluation and selection of standard open-web steel joists for floor and roof construction, including joist/slab vibration analysis. 22. Structural Analysis Software – S-Frame

* A fully integrated suite of structural analysis and design software solutions, from entry-level 2D frame analysis to advanced non-linear 3D finite element analysis. 23. The Engineer’s Document and Design System

* Structural Calculation Software within Microsoft Word, to integrating analysis and designc calculations. With a comprehensive set of libraries for many specialties. Description of programme and libraries. Online demo. 24. AutoCAD

* Leading software used in engineering Graphics for 2D, 3D drafting 25. ETABS* Windows based software for structural and Seismic Engineering by Computers and Structures, Inc. 26. Civil engineering Accounting Software* Dashboard software that monitors the development of architecture and engineering financial trends. Reviews billing, overhead structure, compensation, cash flow, staffing and other key A/E metrics. 27. Esteem Software

* The ESTEEM software is the most popular reinforced concrete structural software in Malaysia. * World-class Integrated Total Solution for automatic modeling, analysis, design and detailing * Greatly increase productivity, performance, reliability, accuracy and safety standard * Auto support for beam intersections

* Auto pattern loading for beam moment/shear/torsion envelop design * Auto moment release for simply supported (beam end/drop/width difference, slab drop) * Fully handle for slab opening, line load, patch load, point load * Flexible floor by floor (non-uniform in elevation) shear wall modeling * Strut and tie design for transfer wall

* Couple Beam-Column/Wall FEM compatibility for greater results accuracy * 3D RC Wall contour/ 2D floor plan contour view* Taper or arch beam design and detailing* Analysis results diagram (Moment, shear, torsion, deflection, stress) in 3D/plan view * Wall sub-frame moment from pattern load in design* Flat slab rigid zone modeling and pattern loading* Interactive optimisation in design* Interactive clicking of post-processing/results data information with floor plan members * Automatic project batching processing (from analysis to DWG/DXF export) from individual floor plans until last (foundation) stage