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Douglas Spencer was born November 21, 1985 in Jackson, Mississippi. He was born to the proud parents of Denise Spencer and Douglas E. Spencer, Sr. He attended Canton High School from 2001 to 2004. He participated in various organizations while there. He was a part of the Allure Modeling Squad. He also participated in Canton High School Superior Choir where he was named Mr. Choir 2003.

He also played key roles in the Drama Club exercising his talent through song. After High School, he attended Holmes Community College in 2004 – 2006 majoring in Drafting and Designing Technology. He received an Associate of Applied Science in Drafting and Designing Technology. He enrolled at Jackson State University in 2007 pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. His goal is to manage his own retail clothing store.

Elevator Pitch

Hello everyone, I’m Douglas Spencer, a graduate from Jackson State University in Business Management pursuing a career as a Sales Director based on my years of management experience.

Mission Statement

Personal Mission Statement

My purpose is to understand the business environment in which we perform, protecting the dignity of our employees, practice teamwork and mutual support within the human resource function, demonstrate principled leadership, and act with integrity and high ethical standards.

Douglas E. Spencer, Jr.Present Address Permanent Address 379 Welch Street Apt. EPO Box 1311 Canton, MS 39046 Canton, MS 39046 (601)941-0546 (601)859-0525 [email protected]

______________________________________________________________ OBJECTIVE: A challenging career in management that affords me the opportunity to utilize my computer training and artistic talents in management expressing my experience in retail. EDUCATION: Jackson State University Jackson, Ms College of Business (AACSB Accredited) Bachelor of Business Administration May 2014 Major: Business Management GPA: 3.0

EXPERIENCE: Shoe Show Canton, MS ASSISTANT MANAGER* Operate store by company policy* Assisted customer and encourage them to buy our merchandise 2006-2009 Hollister Co Ridgeland, MS LEAD STOCK

* Processed freight and replenished the sales floor with merchandise * Assisted customers with requests2006 HESM& A Electrical Engineering Ridgeland, MS CAD Operator; Internship* Revised electrical drawings* Located fixtures on floor plansHONORS &ACTIVITIES: Volunteered 1000 community services hours with United Way Youth for The Boys and Girls Club Awarded Presidential Award Scholarship Boys & GirlsClub of MS SKILLS: Five years of management experience and about ten years in Retail, drafted and designed all object drawn using the left, Right, top, and isometric views and using AutoCAD software REFERENCE: AVAILABLE WITH PERMISSION

Feasibility Study

Business: “Jack of all Trades” Gas Station, Auto repair, and Food chain

Goodmorning Everyone! The product and services that Mr. Spencer will be rendering is a Gas Station service station with restaurant and auto repair shop attached. He will establish this business to ensure the convenience of his present and upcoming customers. Why did he come up with this idea? Well, Mr. Spencer highly believes in exhausting all the means of technology to enhance production of products and services he has to offer. His business will offer top quality gasoline, convenience products, auto repair, showers, and dining restaurant.

From research he gathered that he should let the customers tell him what they are looking for to fulfill a want or need. He will build a short relationship with each customer to express loyalty and commitment to satisfying his customers. Mr. Spencer will set up his business based on the work environment and the profiles of the individual. He will explain the features, benefits and drawbacks of each product and service without making a decision for the customer. His goal is to assist the customer to make the decisions best for them.

His understanding of customer profiling is based on building common definitions that groups of people will fit into. These are based upon age, race, income, housing choices, household structure, and more. Mr. Spencer’s target market will be all ages, incomes, and race. His competitive pricing will set him apart from the surrounding businesses. His marketing strategy will be mostly through internet, billboard, and word of mouth.

The challenge today is that most shoppers have fewer and fewer dollars to spend at retail. More disposable income is going to home mortgages, education, health care, taxes, and experiences. Unconditional loyalty is no longer part of retailing but his focus is to earn each customer loyalty. Most shoppers rely heavily on graphics, signage, displays, product information, and in-store promotions. After gaining understanding of this, Mr. Spencer will set up a strong marketing strategy that separates him from his competitors.

When starting this business Mr., Spencer will face different competitors from all locations. Every business strives to be better than the next. This gas station will have what most don’t by first locating all the strengths and weaknesses that his competitors hold. His competitors are located in Canton, MS off of Hwy 55. The main competitor he noticed was the Chevron service station with Kentucky Fried Chicken attached. Chevron is a very productive business that is successful at making their customers happy. In some area of the store Mr. Spencer noticed that there was lack of customer service and hardly any inventory available.

Chevron strengths have a global footprint. International operations accounted for 71% of total profits in 2011. Mr. Spencer notice this only included Australia, Brazil, Nigeria, Angola, Indonesia, Thailand, and the United Kingdom. Chevron also has a healthy balance sheet with over $15 billion in cash. Mr. Spencer was excited to find out that his competitors had some shocking weaknesses. Chevron total production fell 5% in the fourth quarter due to field decline and maintenance-related downtime. Chevron’s net liquids component of oil equivalent production decreased to 447,000 barrels per day. Mr. Spencer understood from the readings that this would most likely be a weakness he will face in the future.

Mr. Spencer’s business will promote an inclusive business environment for the benefit of the company and our suppliers. His goal is to have strong and professional relationship with his suppliers. Some of his suppliers will be small vendors and businesses like me who will be productive like his business. Some of his suppliers are Krispy Kreme, Coca Cola, Starbucks, Subway, etc. These suppliers are located locally and international. All of his customers, competitors, and suppliers will be located in Mississippi mostly except the gasoline.

The cost for building his business in the canton area is based on the acres purchased. Based on the extent of the area being for sale, the cost will be between 20,000 to 50,000 dollars. Canton has little if any building code, so it won’t be too much of a hassle for his business to be constructed there.

During this period, Mr. Spencer will be building his facility off of East Peace Street. He was unable to find a building to rent, own of refurbish. The best decision for him was to build his business to ensure great quality for his employees and customers. He will purchase all equipment mostly for the gas station area. As far as the restaurant and auto repair shop, he will be leasing those spots out to any small business. All their equipment will be purchased at their leisure. He will hire a maintenance crew to clean and maintain the function of the equipment throughout the building.

Based on human resources, his business will operate under the leadership of management team. This team will consist of General Manager, Assistant, Supervisor and Shift leader. Each employee must be flexible and willing to work long hours if needed with hour breaks and great benefits. His company will offer training and support for small, minority and women-owned businesses on how to do business with his company. All employees will be paid during training and orientation. The management team requires a lot of background checks because of the size of the facility.

We will verify that businesses meet the criteria of ownership to qualify as a minority, woman- owned, small disadvantaged or HUB zone certified firm. Certification workshops, training and partnerships with recognized certifying organizations help facilitate the process. We seek out diverse suppliers through active involvement with small businesses and minority development organizations and participation in various trade shows. Some of the social issues in Mississippi are racism, illegal immigration, discrimination, and standard of living…

His business will consist of diverse employees from different ethnic backgrounds. His business will show no type of discrimination what so ever to any race or gender. Mr. Spencer won’t judge no one based on their wealth,

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