Motivation Letter Guide

I am writing in response to the job posting on the European Employment Services website for a Tour Guide position in Voss or Bergen . As a tour guide, I can offer: * Four years (summers) experience in “Quasar Tours and Travel”. I have guided throughout Romania people of different cultures, ages, single or in large groups and I have learnt how important is to adapt oneself to their expectations and needs, even in advance.

Although the job is very demanding and requires a high degree of flexibility, meeting new people and having them satisfied at the end is very motivating for me. I believe my sincere enthusiasm for them was felt and that it contributed to a good communication and a good time together. * Fluent English plus working experience with Italian and French (C1). In English I have a Cambridge Certificate (Advanced- C2) and a high school (philology) certificate.

Italian was a language which I used for a year as a Customer Service Representative for a mobile phone firm. The same position I had for French, in another firm, for almost two years now. I practiced this language also in a French bookstore where I ordered books from France , organised cultural activities with French partners and counselled clients. * Interest in Norwegian culture and geography.

The majestic glacial landscape, the contrasting religious history (savage Vikings that turned in a century into convinced Christians and in another one into a majority of atheists that today, however, have the Bible as a bestseller), the high human development index faced with immigrant and minority issues, the Nordic beauty and elegance are elements that make me curious about every detail your training has to reveal about this country. My attached resume provides a photograph and additional information on my background and qualifications. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your consideration.