Mother Jones & Booker T Washington

Format Write a five-page critical review. The review must analyze, compare and contrast at least two of the books in the context of the role of biography in historical practice, (interpretation, and sources) and in relation to the other books (unique, representative) read during the quarter.


Throughout history we have learned about many people who had significant impact on American society In this paper, we are going to go deeper in discussion about two distinct people as historical figures that change the course in American history in Mother Jones and Booker T Washington In analyzing these two historical icons, the discussion of their lives, thoughts, and ideas will be compared with one another to explain the role of biography in historical practice.

When comparing these two figures in history, we can see both the similarities and differences of the two broken down in the lasting impact they leave upon society Paragraph 1- Booker T Booker T Washington combination of thirst for knowledge and courageous effort made him on of the most sought out men in the early 1900’s Why-? The author Norwell views Washington as a man of two desires, which both of them are directly affect the potential progress of African Americans in a time where it did not seem plausible.

One of his desires is to teach and encourage his own race to overcome prejudice in order for the African American race to become a force within American society and culture The other desire for Booker T. Washington is for the African American race be able to work with white Americans because of the potential long-term success the nation will achieve. These two desires inspired this particular individual to excel and achieve success regardless.

To interpret the impact of Booker T Washington role in society proved to be quite significant as he not only propelled the African American race, but was also smart enough to implement the need of Caucasian influence as a necessary tool for success E. g speech at the Atlanta Cotton States Exposition (find quote)

The activity of Booker T emulates the “ultimate helper” role that Mother Jones provides as well which highlights how these two influenced society in a positive light* Paragraph 2 – Mother Jones

“Pray for the dead, and fight like hell for the living,” (quote) are the infamous words for one of the most famous women in America. She holds an important position in American history because of her struggle to achieve equality and justice for the country's industrial laborers. Although Mother Jones preached the doctrine of socialism and advocated the overthrow of capitalism, she also knew that workers needed short-term improvements in their lives, and fought with them for better working conditions and better wages.

However, as discussed on page three page three of the Mother Jones book, “The life of Mother Jones is a faded memory, a half-forgotten story. ” (Quote) As women were not expected to be so vocal in this time, the persona of Mother Jones was a historical female figure that emerged upon the scene preaching against the social injustice within society. This sort of passion and protection for her people helped develop her name into “Mother Jones” which shows a type of figure who best interest was not for herself but for the good of the people or her “children”.

* Paragraph 3- comparison of the two In comparison of the two, the overall impact of the two remain similar in that they both advocated progress for a particular struggling group, but one icon had a more lasting image than the other, with that we will dive into the reasons why this is so when comparing the two. The similarities both proved that the role of biography was to show physical evidence that supported both icon’s ideology and efforts towards achieving a certain level of progress for a suppress group, but why does Booker T Washington seem much more important?

Booker T Washington is a monumental piece of African American history simply because he represented the last generation of black Americans leaders born in slavery. He spoke on behalf of the large majority of blacks who lived in the South but had lost their ability to vote through disfranchisement by southern legislatures.

Seeing what African Americans are able to do today shows the works and efforts of Booker T Washington, a man whose dedication help push forward a minority group struggling for it social and economic progress at a time and location where that seemed impossible.

New paragraph- comparison of two Mother Jones provides similarity for the aid she provides and whom the aid is directed towards, however her lasting impact on society proved to be much quieter than Booker T She was similar to Booker T in that she strived for much needed improvements in labor worker conditions as well as the payments they received.

Both show sacrifice for the good of others, both thought that their words were going to stand for something much bigger than themselves Even though this is true, there is partial agenda by Mother Jones to withhold her legacy, to put a stamp on history with hopes of never being forgotten (quote) This was a notion that Booker T Washington did not desire. It was the pure desire to help his race that boosted his familiarity within American history.

He was so dedicated to his work that all the women within his life were associated with one of his most iconic developments in the Tuskegee Institute, the representative of African American progress, well at least the initial stages of progress. She also proved similar to Booker T with that fact that she was able to expand her thoughts among listeners through a conceealed identity under the name Mother Jones This is significant because as Booker T started to make a name for himself, he decided that it was important to have the Washington attached to his last name as well.

Felt that under a different name they could be more impactful among society and be step closer to both of their agendas. DEVELOP THIS IDEA MORE Conclusion But as we expand on the lives of both individuals, we are presented with two different types of ways in which there is a push for a certain stride length for particular groups in society. Booker T seems to have a much more prominent and lasting impact on society by Norrell authentic storytelling.

Seems to be simply more legitimate than that of Mother Jones. Possible that the knowledge of whether certain things stated in autobiographies are true or false have direct impact on lasting legacy ionic figure has in society? The issue of race, even though limited, sure has not disappeared. The role if identity and the amount of value we place on individuality today reflects the importance of Booker T Washington and his impact on society rather than that of Mother Jones.

Ironic how Mother Jones who seems to have a more desire for fame is doesn’t get it. Thus, those striving for their goals have a better chance as they put their passion over their fame Not stating that Mother Jones did not have passion, but Booker T Washington overwhelming commitment to his work and situation propelled his image to a much more permanent pedastal than that of mother Jones.