Modern Democracy

Liberals are always known to be fair and less authoritative in their undertakings. The conservatives on the other hand are very much tied under religion. The conservatives have so much sense of fairness and justice which is tied up in the belief of higher rewarding or punishing people (Arthur 46). In addition, all liberals give their support to a variant form of government called the liberal democracy. According to the liberals the government of liberal democracy advocate for open and fair elections where each and every citizen is protected by equal rights of the law.

The major and the key difference between liberals and conservatives in the modern American history is that liberals are the status quo and liberalism refers to a world view of only what we have. On the other hand conservatism refers to everything else. For example people moving one step from one moment of life to the next step of life. In the modern American politics liberals are known to be more dependent on stereotypes as opposed to the factual reality.

Conservatives on the other hand have the willingness to spend lots of money in defending the nation, providing security for the border and enforcing the law. In addition the conservatives are willing to spend more on effective social spending like expenditure on no child left behind, children’s health insurance program and Medicare drug problem. The conservatives, unlike the liberals, indeed rely on the factual reality (Gary 243). The modern American politics generally shows that the liberals are more individualistic and less conventional while the conservatives are more conventional and less individualistic.

Further more the liberals favor a policy consisting of a larger and a more centralized government with a greater presence in the society while the conservatives oppose a policy of larger and more centralized government with a greater presence in the society and which covers the life of every individual. Liberals generally tend to consider the government as a provider of services and a protector of rights; on the other hand the conservatives consider the government as a provider of security and a protector of values.

The liberals who are the supporters of social liberalism support heavy taxation, regulation of the economy and more state enterprises. The conservative tends to put more emphasis on economic freedom and tends to make it the central right. The conservatives also advocates for minimal role for the state in economic development. Liberals do believe in the increment of taxes on persons with higher incomes and the tax got from the income of those with higher income to be taken and given to those with low income. Conservatives on the other hand believe on reducing taxes for all tax payers.

They believe that those who pay highest taxes should get the biggest break with an even percentage. In other words those who pay more taxes will earn more and only those who paid the tax are entitled to receive benefits from the tax. Liberals seek to have more control by the government. The liberals are interested in the limitation of the rights so that they may gain control of all sorts of behavior. On the other hand conservatives prefer and advocate for a smaller and less intrusive government which aims at allowing people to do whatever they want as long as whatever they do is within the law.

Liberals are known to be at a position to question the authority. For instance the liberals are always asking to know different issues such as on socialism. Liberals do not only speak for themselves but also speak for the weak and for the oppressed members of the society (Kramnick& Theodore 129). Nevertheless they are for the freedom and against slavery and think that those who practice slavery else where should be burned. A conservative recognizes the fact that there is a real world a part from the world where they stay, a real world where people live, suffer and die a world which they know is not open to our wishes.

Conservatives therefore strongly supports the right to property. A liberal on the other hand believes that the world should mould itself to its self-absorption. The liberals have the tendency towards anti authoritarianisms to the point of lawlessness rooted in an excellent nature. The conservative on the other hand goes far beyond what the liberals have gone through but in the opposite direction. Another difference notable between liberals and conservatives is on the way they behave and carry themselves.

The way a liberal talks and addresses different ideas and work. Liberals argue that as a result the conservative has become politically distorted and therefore liberalism is the current politically correct way from this. Despite these differences the liberals and the conservatives are still able to work in manner to promote the political stand of the American. This is because the liberals are not revolutionists whose aim is to bring down the government but instead are those who want to work towards ensuring better life for the people of America.

Nevertheless the conservatives are also not corrupt backscratchers who would want to bring down the government. Conclusion It is generally clear that there are several differences between the liberals and the conservatives in modern American politics. Even though the liberals and the conservatives have different ideas and different ways of expressing their ideas, they still work together towards ensuring the well being of every American and towards ensuring the growth and development of the American economy as well as political activities.

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