‘Minor’ as Defined Under the US Law

A person is said to be Minor, if he or she is under the legal age. The legal age according to the United States previous law had been 21years. But in 1971, vide 26th Amendment in the constitution of the United States, 18 years was set as the minimum age for voting. Therefore the legal age also called the age of adulthood or majority is now 18 years in 45 states of the USA, whereas it is 19 years in other 4 states i. e. Alabama, Alaska, Nebraska, and Wyoming.

But it is only the state of Mississippi, which still has the legal age to 21 years. However 21 years age is common in all the states in so far as possessing the alcoholic drink is concerned Punishment for minors according to age For considering minors as unruly or wrong-doers, causing damages and harms, the courts may award punishment to minors. But the punishments may vary from minor to minor depending upon the age of each individual. Common Law treats minors as: 1.

Children under the age of 7 years are considered innocuous i. e. not capable of committing a crime. 2. In between the ages 7 to 14 years, the capability of minors to commit crime is disputed. 3. The minors, who are over 14 years of age, are considered to possess the criminal capability. Note: All the states of the USA have special courts for the minors, and the punishments awarded by them to minors not only vary with the age of minor, but are also different from those given to the adults. (Gough, Aidan R. , n. p. n. d. )