Ministry of justice

A ministry of justice is a group that would take responsibility for all of the legal matters in the country instead of being spread over many different departments. The English legal system is currently run by the lord chancellors department (LCD) and the home office, which takes on all the important roles. The LCD has the job of appointing the judiciary, controlling legal aid and contributes to law reform.

The home office is responsible for the control of the police, national security and the reform of the criminal justice system, prisons and much more. There is also a small group called the law officers, the law officers are the attorney general and the solicitor-general. The attorney general is responsible for major domestic and international litigation for the government. The attorney general grants the solicitor general's powers to him.

A major problem in law reform of the UK legal system is that it is not governed by a single body, which slows down the whole system. It has been suggested for many years now that a ministry of justice should run the English legal system. This seems to be the simplest option because the only thing that would need to be done is to merge the Home Office and the LCD, however these two bodies are not small little business firms, they are one office run by many smaller offices.

Putting both offices into one could systematically bring the English legal system to a stand still because the two departments running as one may not work as efficiently as people might think. Rodney Brazier, a leading public law expert and constitutional adviser to the Queen's Private Secretary, states that it would be in the best interests of the country and the English legal system to keep two separate powers. By retaining the home office and a newly introduced law department (simply another name for a ministry of justice).

He suggests that by dividing the functions logically between them will speed up the law reform process along with other areas of law. There are some who totally disagree with the ministry of justice proposals because they say that the House of Commons would endanger the independence of the judiciary, which should be completely free of political involvement. This fear seems to be overcautious, given that the vast majority of the work carried out by a ministry of justice has nothing to do with the judiciary anyway.

I believe that there should be a ministry of justice that governs over all the aspects of the English legal system. This would prevent the slow nature that the English legal system has. If there was to be a ministry of justice many areas of law reform would be speeded up and new laws could be introduced a lot quicker. Also old and obsolete laws could be made *unlaw*. Many other countries such as America and New Zealand have adopted this system and are running their law more efficiently than us.

We could use their system as a blue print to build our foundations for a better, more well rounded ministry of justice. This would govern the police, judiciary, law reform etc. In my opinion we maybe to set in our ways to do anything about the merging of the offices or even to make a new governing body, if we leave it any longer. But then yet again what would happen if the merging of the two offices caved in on its self and the law came to a stand still? I think it's a now or never situation, we should move to merge!