“Minimum Wage”

The episode of 30 Days about trying to live on minimum wage opened the eyes of it’s viewers. It placed star Morgan Spurlock and fiancee Alex in the lives of the “working poor” of the United States for one month. Spurlock’s fiancee walked to work daily rather than spend the money on riding the bus. Both Morgan and Alex were in need of healthcare during this time period just to find over-crowded free clinics, afraid to go to a real hospital because of the cost. Alex’s 30th birthday also fell within this time, they spent it the best way they could.

Just to spice things up more, Spurlock decided to invite his brother’s kids for a weekend. The money that they spent taking the kids out one day showed how hard it must be to take the time and money to do things with your family when living off low wages. Even though it was hard, Morgan and his fiancee showed that living on these wages can really affect relationships, causing people to be irritable and constantly preoccupied. It showed me though that it can be easier to make it like that when you have someone you love to combine incomes with to make it work.

I don’t know how I would be able to survive living off minimum wage. It seemed like Morgan Spurlock and Alex were very patient people, if that was my girlfriend and I we would have probably been at each other’s throats. Nevertheless, the stagnant minimum wage along with the steadily rising cost of living is a problem no doubt. But what can the average American really do? If legislators pass the law to raise minimum wage, taxes may go up, but I will continue to pay my taxes gladly.