Migration within the European Union

Another report reveals that the rate of immigration to the united states relative to sending countries population size 2001-2005. And also it is known that the European Union Accepts free immigration within member states while some of them are restricted to new member states. And migration within the European Union is actually low. Virtually all are from poorer eastern states to the western European states that are well to do. Some of them are: Italy, Germany, Britain and Spain. And with recent reports it was known that some European member’s states are receiving large members of immigration.

However, people migrate because of different reasons. But it is obvious from  different records and research that, more people  from poorer  countries migrate to the richer countries, some because of the differentials in the wage rate some of them, is because of the poor economic standard  in their countries, their however seek for richer countries where they can make a living. And their about two factors, that brings about immigration. They are push and pull factor. The push factor has to do with the primary reason for emigration from the country of origin and they could be as a result of economic and labor migration.

It is even said by research institute that deal with migration that poor individuals from  developing countries can have higher  standard of living in developed countries  than in their countries of origin. The push factor has to do with individuals or groups that migrate from their countries of origin because of personal or for relatives that are staying behind and also because there are no jobs in their countries of origin. This kind of migration is considered to be illegal in some countries for some people who migrate to other countries, because they want to be educated, such migration is also considered to be part of the pull factor.

Immigration most a times make people understand that their reasons for migrating into that country   is  related to cultural or health reasons and it is not common in quantify the  actual number of international migrants world  wide, have decided  to migrate as a way of expressing themselves towards the establishment  or to meet their every need so as to perceive other  cultural or tourist environment because the economies is always the instigator  for a long migration which is mainly for that sector of inter-regional or inter-continental migration.

There are also push factors like, persecution, oppression and even genocide which may lead to immigration. While some people migrate because of their own personal motive that is based on relationship with a family or a friend or loved one. Some other people migrate because they want a type of patriotism. And his type of emigration and immigration is considered illegal. They are laws that guide immigration and even asylum as the case maybe. Limitations to immigration are in form of laws.

The laws are only guiding principles to immigration some of the laws is that   when an immigrant is leaving his/her assets that most times amount to large cost, and of also involves the expense of leaving w/as soon as they arrive the new country, they have to get acquainted with laws of that country, which maybe very different from the laws in the country they originated from. It is    inevitable  for them to get used to those law and practice them assiduously, now this is one of the vital  things involved in immigration, it can either welcome you or send you away from that country.

No country is ready to welcome or accommodate any immigrant to wont respect and obey the laws in the country that she is going into. And this is a major criterion in immigration. You most be ready to obey the laws of that land whether it is palatable to you or not. This can be a major barrier in entering any country, no matter your reason for going into a country is as a result of avoiding persecution in your country of origin, as far as you would adhere to the laws of the        land the country where you are migrating to will  protect and preserve you from persecution.

Luke in the UK the refugee convention adequately protects those fleeing into the UK to avoid persecution. The reason for the convention is toe bring the people together, and to also get acquainted with he laws of principles of the land and basically to reassume the people to feel at home with the   land and to give them a sense of belonging in the land the refugee convention also paves way along with the UN and the EU to resolve whatever as a result of political crises in their countries of origin or unlawful treatment and persecution from their country.

The UK therefore gives them adequate security and protection to them. But this is on the condition that there will adhere to the laws of the land no matter the temptation to go contrary to the laws of the land. The UK is one of the major countries that are very strict and serious with their law.

And they try to make the refugees understand that they don’t tolerate unlawfulness and that if any body misbehaves, he would   be made to face the consequence and with cases like that there may send you back to the country you come from no matter what made you to migrate to their country, whether because you were persecuted, manhandled or unlawful treated in your country. There would never compromise to make you face the law if you broke it. This is one thing that the UK is known for.

They take their laws and principles very vital and important and so as long as you can abide by those laws, you have problems leaving within the UK if you are refugee, you would be adequately protected and taken care of. Immigration is considered to e highly politicized, there are countries where it has become a major political issue opponent to immigration are more popular than the backup that goes by economic interests. The major concern that involves the support of immigration are mainly economic, they are often related to the supply labour and they are traced to the value placed on cultural diversity.

There are groups that support immigration with a tool to s strengthens small population and there are countries like Europe to turn the aging of the population. The major opposition to immigration themes are economic issues like the competitive nature of the labour market. There are also environmental issues which instigate the population growth and also influence the identity and overall nature of the country itself. There are also nationalistic issues migration is identified with nation alism; like in Europe there is a nationalist party that has same meaning with the synonym for “anti-immigration party”.

Which are economic issues covered the United States in an immigration argument. It became gradually polarized lately, which was as evidence by the demands of nationalist to release the US soldiers to the borders. The coming out of private border militias in the United States magnetized the media so much. The main issue of the opposing nationalist in Europe is that immigrants do not belong to a country or nation-state which is meant for some other ethnic group.