Methods information collection and Crime

In order to obtain the data for writing this report the following methods of data collection were used. One of information source I used was the speeches and other commentaries from senior police officers in the united kingdom. Such speeches were recorded by several news agencies such as the BBC among others. These news agencies normally request the senior police officers go to their studios where they interview them on security matters and the way forward for such kinds of problems. They are also interviewed over the phone. Government reports were also consulted.

These specifically included those that provided relevant information pertaining crime and policy issues that were geared towards reducing, if not stopping, gun crime among the youth. Information was also gathered from the British crime survey(BSC). The BSC measures the crime level by obtaining information directly from the people by inquiring from them the types of crime they experienced within a duration of one year. The British crime survey has been of vital survey importance in the study since it includes all crimes regardless of whether they were reported to the police officers or not.

It also helps to single out not only the people but also the places which are at a high risk with regard to particular or specific crime types. (http://www. homeoffice. gov. uk/rds/bcs1. html ) In the analysis of the collected information, special attention was given to the age of perpetrators . Their economic as well as social backgrounds were also considered. Comparison was made between rural and urban areas with regard gun crime. Comparison was made between rural and urban areas with regard to crime.

Comparison was also made between different regions in UK and the trend of gun crime was closely monitored over the past ten years. Statistics from different sources were also studied with special attention on gun crime and age of the perpetrators. Internet sources especially those regarding criminal activities were studied. Such Internet sources were thoroughly scrutinized in order to determine the credibility of the information. This is very important especially during analysis because it provides the best way to prevent biased reporting.

Little attention was therefore given to politically motivated reports because most politicians exaggerate issues in public in order to either discredit their competitors or win majority support from the public. Some take it as a good opportunity to gunner votes especially when elections are about the corner. Relevant theories about the cause of the problem The following crime theories explain the possible causes of gun crime among the youth in the united kingdom. The first is the general strain theory(Cullen, Wright, Kristie, 2006, p. 101-108) According to this theory, people indulge in criminal activities as a result of strain.

The strain generates stress and as a way of releasing it, some people turn to criminal activities. These people who fall to be victims of ‘strain’ criminals become so upset in life situations that the only way they find easier to cope with such kind of a situation is criminality. Strain may accumulate when an individual is being harassed by other people. Harassment is a common act especially among members of minority groups(Hirschi, T. 2002, p. 226-228). The minority groups include ethnic minorities, gender minorities, racial minorities as well as age minorities.

(http://www. homeoffice. gov. uk/crime-victims/worried-about-crime/vulnerable-minority-groups/ ) The members of the major group pay less attention to issues pertaining the minor groups and turn to mistreat them. Financial problems also causes strain to many people. Money is a key issue in the modern capitalistic society. All human needs including the basic human needs need money for one to acquire them. It was found out that job opportunities in many economies are becoming scarcer as days go by. This has led to many problems especially those which are economic in nature.

In the current world, it was found out that the cost of living is sharply increasing. If the people do not get an opportunity to earn their living in the formal way, the result is increased crime, research indicates. It was found out that this has been the reason behind the increased gun crimes in the united kingdom. Research indicates that some parents use abusive language while addressing their children. This causes strain and the individual may end up directing his or her anger towards other people through commission of gun crime. (http://www. homeoffice.

gov. uk/documents/yotpres? view=Html ) It was found out that in the united kingdom, the youth among other minority groups are harassed in different sorts of life. This was found to start right from learning institutions where racism, ethnicity and other discriminatory acts are directed to the students who in most cases are the youth. It was also found out that recruitments are carried out in not only discriminatory ways but also through harassments. Research indicates that, among the most financially unstable people in the united kingdom are the youth.

This has been witnessed especially in those areas identified as the most deprived areas. (Hardill, Graham, Kofman, 2001, p. 210-211) It was found out that such areas record the highest levels of gun crime among then youth. They have even been referred to as ‘gun hot spots’. Such a situation can be attributed to the fact that frustration that arises among the youth is directly translated to aggression. Gun crime is therefore a direct outcome of aggression. According to Robert Agnew, strain results when people prevent a person from achieving his or her goals.

Research indicates that the youth in united kingdom are not financially autonomous and as a result, they can not achieve their goals in life. It was found out that some youths force their way towards achieving them regardless of whether they are financially stable or not. They therefore end up being victims of gun crimes. Robert Agnew goes ahead to explain that any deprivation from what an individual value results to strain(http://www. sociology. emory. edu/bagnew/ ). Many youths not only in Britain but all over the world highly value luxurious life. It was found out that not all youths can afford to live the life they dream about.

The capitalistic society has been highly accused for such kind of deprivation. Strain is therefore one of the major causes of gun crime among the youth in the United Kingdom. (http://law. jrank. org/pages/824/Crime-Causation-Sociological-Theories. html ;Alan, A. 2002, P. 47-59; Stephens P, Leach A, Jones H, Taggart L, 2002, p. 502-503) The second theory is the social learning theory. According to this theory, juvenile delinquency arises from association or even exposure to people who engage in similar acts. Human beings are social in nature. No man can live in isolation and we all need each other.

Just the way people learn to conform from others, they learn to engage in in criminal behaviours in the same way. When a child is born, it doesn’t know anything. Its mind is completely blanc an as it grows older and older, the environment in which it is exposed teaches it on matters pertaining life. Since behaviour is determined by the culture in which an individual is exposed to, criminal culture is learned as well. Research indicates that both the criminal culture as well as the criminal economy have been blamed for the increased incidences of gun related crimes among the youth in the United Kingdom.

It was found out that the increased abuse of drugs among the youth has also contributed to high rate of gun crime in UK besides other regions in the world. Research indicates that under normal circumstances, drugs are mainly introduced to people by their peer mates. As an individual takes more and more of the drug he/she becomes addicted. Lack of finances to support such kind of behaviors results to gun crime and it was found out that Britain is not an exception. (http://www. dailymail. co. uk/pages/live/articles/news/news. html? in-article-id=560800&in-page-id=1766&ito=1490 )

It was found out that the media has contributed to the increasing number of gun crimes in the united kingdom. Audiovisual programs have exposed youths to scenes of violent crimes and specifically gun crimes. Research indicates that some youths envy some actors and always seek to to gain their popularity by prooving that they can act equally in the same way as the actors do. Research indicates that in those areas that are most deprived, gun crime rate is higher. Research indicates that for these people to survive in such areas, they device ways to earn their living, whether legal or illegal.

It was therefore found out that many youths who lived in such deprived areas have at one time witnessed one or many people prosper in life through illegal means. Research indicates that most of these people are either their parents, relatives, friends or even neighbours. It therefore becomes easier for them to engage in gun crime since they have role models whom they can copy from. Social learning theory is therefore an important explaination for the causes of gun crime in the United Kingdom. (Horst Entorf, Entorf, Hannes Spengler, Spengler, 2002, p. 49-55; Werner J. Einstadter, Stuart Henry, 2006, p. 188-190)