Mercedes vs. Ford

The German made Mercedes is far more superior to the American made Ford truck. For instance, style, performance, and value of a Mercedes supersede that of a Ford truck. To begin with, the style of a Mercedes is luxurious and the Ford truck is dull. First, the advance features of the Mercedes to include the seat warmers, sleep detection and engine size, are heartwarming, but, in the Ford truck the features are only basic. Next, the body style of the Mercedes is compact and sleek as opposed to the Ford truck which is huge and bulky.

Finally the seats and space of a Mercedes is cozy and big enough for family of five to ride comfortably and the Ford truck is very stiff, hard and uncomfortable. Therefore, the style of the Mercedes is far more superior to that of a Ford truck. In addition, the Mercedes has class A performance in safety and handling while the Fords’ performance is poor. For example, the traction on a Mercedes is displayed on the dash to help the driver control the risk of and prevent rollovers but, in a Ford traction is poor so the risks for rollovers going around sharp curves are greater.

Also, suspension on the Mercedes is very smooth like floating on a cloud driving down bumpy roads. In a Ford the suspension is very rough driving down bumpy roads like riding on a shaky wooden roller coaster. Then, there’s the gas mileage. The Mercedes is excellent on gas and can double the distance that a Ford can give. Mercedes would use half the gas that a Ford would use and, on a full tank of gas you can cover a lot more miles on a highway. Therefore, the Mercedes is a better performer than the Ford.

Finally, the value of a Mercedes is guaranteed to last longer than a Ford truck and the Fords’ value is short lived. For example, the resale value of a Mercedes is guarantee to pay off after leaving the new car dealer but, as soon as you leave the car dealer with a new Ford the value diminishes completely. Furthermore, if you keep the maintenance up-to-date on the Mercedes the vehicle will last for years to come. Keeping the maintenance on a Ford that has been rough housed for many years is a waste of time.

Finally, a Mercedes can be passed down from generation to generation and still get the families’ approval; On the other hand, the Ford will be parked and forgotten because it would have been beaten up and ugly. The Mercedes would be protected and kept up better than the Ford truck. In conclusion, the Mercedes is more superior to a Ford truck. Having better style, performance, and value, the German made Mercedes outweighs that of an American made Ford truck. The Mercedes is guaranteed to be a family heirloom and the Ford truck would be replaced and laughed at by the time the next generation gets to it.