Matthew Blokdijk

Government means a lot of different things to everybody. To me Government means the protection, structure, security, and awareness for our nation. I may not know everything about politics, economics and government, but I do have my own idea of what a government should be to us. Our government is there to protect us. To give us the freedoms that other sovereign states don’t have. To listen to our problems and work with us to the best of their abilities to solve them. To understand our wants an needs as a country.

The people who push us in the right direction as a country. Who lead us to strive for great things. Who nurture our economy to help it grow. The people who cultivate what used to be the worlds most amazing country. The people who stand up for moral reasons. The people who strike down laws for moral reasons. To wage wars on poverty not poor people. To sacrifice and care about our neighbors. To know that it’s never too late. To act like men, aspire to intelligence, not belittle it because it makes us feel inferior. Us as a nation and our government should not define ourselves by who we voted for in our last election. We used to be the greatest nation in the world because we were informed. I would be willing to sacrifice time, energy, and sleep to have more structure in our country.

I would also not like to sacrifice freedom, democracy, and information. Government to me are those people who we should set the standard for what the United States should be. The elites, who inform, motivate, protect, educate, and make us aware. To others it can mean something completely different, and I know that there are some people who love everything about government; and some people who have everything about government. In the end that’s what I think about government, and what it means to me.