Marketing Plan of Pms Shirt

What is interesting in this statement t-shirts? You will feel comfortable to wear it and can be paired with jeans as well. It also shows our personality in putting message on the shirt. We come up this product for fun, why again? It is because we can share our different ideas, design and to express our emotions. This shirt provides as a useful thing to us. As we all know clothes is a very important need of a person, this will serves as a need and not just because you like to have it.



* To promote a customized and yet have a good quality of personalized t-shirt that can compete into the market. * To be a popular clothing business and in fashion industry.


* To be recognized and respected in clothing industry especially in making personalized shirts

III. Market Analysis

A. Competitor’s Profile

Competitor A:* P 250.00 with shirts in a short bond paper.* P 150.00 without shirt.* P 150.00, it depends on the design.* P 150.00 if wholesale, it depends on the design.

Competitor B:* P 220.00 including the t-shirt in an A4 size bond paper. * P 120.00 without the t-shirt.* If it is wholesale, it depends on the design.

Competitor C:* P 270.00 with shirt in an A4 size of bond paper.* P 170.00 without shirt.* Add P 30.00 for editing and layout.

B. Market Share

C. Target Market Segment Strategy

PMS collection has chosen two market segments because our demographics (reasonably teenagers) have the highest likelihood of purchasing a personalized shirt. Both of these segments are reasonably for teens and couples. This is important because most in Clothing industry products are T-shirts and younger people tend to wear them frequently.

D. Pricing Strategy

E. Purchase Discounts

IV. Current Market situation

PMS Collection is located at schools and different campuses. To cater students who will love to wear meaningful and personalize shirt. We also have stores near government municipalities to provide them a service like for their uniforms and if they want to have a personalize shirt for their activities. If PMS will meet its goal to be popular in clothing business we love to expand this business, add more stores in different areas/location to serve more people. As grow we will hire an employee to help this business.

PMS Collection also offer online selling of our T-shirts you may contact as at this e-mail address [email protected], from there you may order your shirts by sending to us your complete address, contact number, designs, color of shirts and size. You may send your payments through our accounts and we will send your order door-to-door.


* Strength

* WeaknessThe consumers are somewhat loyal to premium and well known shirts and they are more likely to buy shirts in the ukay-ukay.

* Opportunity

The young markets are opened to fads and novelty items. PMS Collection may have easier entrance and acceptance.

* ThreatsThe lower price shirts are already in the market, degree of rivalry is highly competitive.

VI. Market Strategy

Advertisement/Sales Promo


Since PMS collection is a small enterprise and starting a bussiness of shirts, we are going to advertise our product through flyers and tarpaulins in nearby schools, universities and government municipalities. PMS Colletion can also offer online selling of T-shirts.