Management. Medicine

1. How would you characterize the way Fuji manages the global environment? For example, how has Fuji responded to the needs of customers in different countries?

2. How have increasing global competition and declining barriers of distance and culture affected Fuji’s global operations? Expand its production line-up, broad range of fields, from imaging to medical systems, diversified into new markets * 1983-Digital diagnostic X-ray imaging system

* 1999-Synapse, medical imaging and information management system * 2006- Functional skin care cosmetics* 2008- Jet Press 720 (tentative name), inkjet digital printing system

Case in the News p.207-208The Transformer: Why VW is the Car Giant to Watch

1. Use the Chapter material to decide which strategies Volkswagen has been using to expand globally.

* Buy a 20%stake in Suzuki Motors to gear up for an assault on the rapidly growing markets of Southeast Asia and India

* By buying the stake, VW gets access to Suzuki’s small-car technology

* is going after BMW and Mercedes, committing $11 billion over the next three years to Audi, VW luxury brand

* Acquire lower-end brand

* Boosted quality and supercharge growth with new models* Rewarded employees for speaking their minds and bringing idea to his attention

* Use brainstorm* To built care in the United States.* To built a roomy family sedan at a price Americans will pay

* Stretch Passat’s successor four inches and add three inches of legroom, and sell it for a starting price of about $20,000.

* Mass market approach in USA

* Expand its line-up from 10 cars to 14 in five years* To beachheads in Hong Kong and Singapoo

2. In what ways will the different specific and general forces in the environment affect the success of its strategies?

3. Search the Web: How have Volkswagen’s new global initiatives been working? Has its performance improved?