Managed Care Organizations

Aetna’s managed care organization mission is to help people find quality health care at a low cost so they can achieve financial security and maintain a healthy status. They work with doctors, hospitals, employers, patients, public officials, and others so they can build a stronger health care system for the public (Aetna Inc, 2001).

Humana’s managed care organization helps the public find out how their government works and how they can get involved (Humana, 2012). Humana helps deliver new innovations and they provide guidance to the public so that they can make health care and health benefit decisions.

United Health Group managed care organization as a goal of helping people get healthier by helping to improve the health care system. United Health group has products and services that empowers individuals, expand consumer choice and strengthens patient-provider relationships across the health care spectrum (UnitedHealth Group, 2013).

Aetna has many plans like HMO which provides lower co-pays, PPO, which is lower monthly payments with a deductible, PPO value, which has lower monthly premiums and quality care, high deductible PPO, which provides lower monthly payments and a health savings account, Preventive and Hospital Care, POS and HNO, which are both lower monthly payments with a deductible and broader coverage, and Aetna Whole Health, which is also broader coverage with lower monthly payments and deductibles (Aetna Inc, 2001).

Humana has a high deductible plan, PCA plan which typically don’t require co-payments, Coverage First which provides coverage for basic healthcare and protection for unexpected injuries or illnesses, PPO plan which provides coverage when you go to out of network providers, HMO health maintenance organization, POS which reduces your out of pocket expenses, Humana Classic where your costs are the same for any provider, Group Medicare Plans, and Humana Simplicity, When you use your plan for in-network healthcare services, you pay a co-payment for that service – there’s no deductible (Humana, 2012).

United Health group also has many similar plans as Aetna and Humana such as PPO, POS, EPO, HMO, High Deductible Plan, Health Savings Account, Self-Directed Health Plan, Prescription Plan, and Discount Plan.

All three of these managed care organizations plans very in price. You can get plans from each organization as low s twenty dollars a month and up. You have to go in detail with personal information like your age, what types of services you use, how often, what types of doctors you see and use and your financial situation in order to get direct quotes. All three of these organizations offer reasonable and affordable plans.

As a patient I think I would have to say that I would choose Aetna because they have many benefits like, plans that offer quality care, I can choose from a range of plans and I can choose how much to spend on monthly payments versus costs for office visits and other services (Aetna, 2001). They have competitively priced premiums, they provide a wide variety of doctors and hospitals, and their coverage is for preventative care, doctor visits, hospitalizations, and children’s immunizations which is very important in my case because I am a mother of three (Aetna, 2001).

Their family coverage is a plan I would enroll in. this is a plan for myself, my spouse and my children. You are also covered when you travel and you also get offered high deductible plans that are compatible with tax advantaged Health Savings accounts. Aetna is my choice because it offers quality, choices, and provides affordable health insurance for me and my family.

As an administrator looking to partner with a plan I would have to say in this case I would have to choose Humana. They have received many awards for their products, services, and business practices. Humana treats employees fairly and honestly, including with respect to wages, working hours and benefits. They respect human rights and prohibit all forms of forced or compulsory labor and they encourage healthy lifestyles and offer health-improvement programs for all employees and promote health-related events and activities in the local community (Humana, 2012).

Humana carries out operations with care for the environment and comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. And also delivers products and services meeting applicable quality and safety standards.

As for Humana’s performance they comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the countries of operation, compete fairly for our business, without paying bribes, kickbacks or giving anything of value to secure an improper advantage, they keep financial books and records in accordance with all applicable legal, regulatory and fiscal requirements and accepted accounting practices, and they promote, utilize and measure engagement of small and diverse suppliers which is great for business (Humana, 2012).

All these details helped me make the choice of choosing Human if I were to look to partner with a plan.

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