Manage the IT Investment

The technological direction of a company and especially and e-commerce business needs to give itself a technological direction in order to develop a strategy to pursue it. As for Amazon. com, it was initially formed with the concept of virtual book store but later on it started to sell other products as well and now it has numerous products and offerings that it offers its customers. Along with that, it has its own search engine as well where contents on the World Wide Web can be checked.

Hence, it started off with a technological direction of e-commerce for only books but later the direction took a wide range and included other products and services as well as a search engine so that the consumer can perform several tasks at once. Each activity in the IT processes of e-commerce need to be fully aligned with one another in order to offer utmost efficiency and effectiveness for the customers. needs to make sure that the information of the products ordered are transferred properly to the relevant sources who are supposed to supply the material. The material should be organized in a way that minimal time is taken to dispatch the order and hence a healthy relationship is formed between all members and stakeholders. Like every investment, the Information Technology and its resources also needs to be invested in the right areas in order to reap benefits out of it as deserved. needs to make sure that the IT professional it hires or the investment it makes in devising efficient and easy to use websites are invested in the right place so that the company doesn’t occur a loss in their investment.

Hence, it is very important to make sure that the right amount of money is invested in the right area in order to reap deserving benefits. The people who take care of the investment are very important individuals with the firm’s profitability perspective as “investment managers employ millions of staff and create billions in revenue” (Wikipedia, n.

d. ). Communicate Management Aims and Direction For any organization to be successful the upper management needs to make sure that what they are thinking is communicated well to the lower level management in order to make sure that they understand the objective of the organization’s existence. If the organizational members are not aware of the aims and the direction in which they are required to go, the overall organization is meant to be in real danger. Hence, Amazon.

com needs to make sure that not only the top notch individuals of the organization know what the aim and objective of the company is but the lower level IT professionals or suppliers should also be aware of it in order to work as per the objective of the overall organization. Since Information Technology is a technical field and highly qualified individuals are required to assist the organization in further progress. These individuals do not have any less opportunity in the world outside, therefore they need to be handled with consideration and care in order to make sure that the organization retains them.

Amazon. com should make sure that their human resource turnover rate is as minimal as possible as a new employee requires the same attention and training all over again employing the resources from a new start hence resulting in higher costs. Amazon. com also needs to assess “whether to use independent contractors or hire employees to fill these needs, recruiting and training the best employees, ensuring they are high performers, dealing with performance issues, and ensuring your personnel and management practices conform to various regulations.

” (McNamara, 2006). Manage Quality It is difficult to reach the top but it is even more complicated and difficult to sustain that level. Although Amazon. com has achieved highest levels of fame and popularity among its target market but it has to make sure that this prosperity is sustained over a long period of time. However the definition of quality is dependent from person to person and is subject to high levels of objectivity but it is basically defined by the person who uses it.

Hence, “quality is ultimately defined by the client and represents how close the project and deliverables come to meeting the client’s requirements and expectations” (Manage Quality, 2007). Therefore, for the organization to reach highest levels of quality achievement, it needs to make sure that all its priorities are in place and it knows exactly what the customer’s require. However, it is quite difficult to assess in case of e-commerce to determine the client preferences to determine the right quality but it needs to be done in order to make sure that the company sustain its level.