Lying: President of the United States and U.s. History

Lying isn’t always harmful; in fact people do it every day without even noticing it. Lying helps keep injured people, the nation, and people in stressful situations calm. It can do just as much good as it can do harm.

When people are hurt the worst thing to do is tell them the actual magnitude of the injury and get them scared, the only way to avoid this is to lie to them. The gruesome truth is that in war a lot of times limbs get blown off; even worse than that is it’s not unlikely for the person to survive. On many accounts seeing the wound is what killed a soldier not the actual wound. Unfortunately the sight of one’s self missing a leg can cause a heart attack and if lying is the only way to keep a soldier from seeing the wound then so be it. Blood scares a lot of people even to the point where the display of it can cause someone to pass out. Most people would rather be told that their barely cut when in reality their losing a lot of blood.

Part of a politician’s job is lying. Now it’s not in their job description but if the president, the governors, and the senators didn’t lie to us our country would be in chaos. Arguably one of the scariest times in U.S. history was September 11th, 2001. As the story goes President Bush was reading a book to a class of kindergartners when the attack took place. After getting word of the assault Bush remained calm stood up and told the class he had to leave. If Bush told the class what actually had just taken place the entire class would have erupted into pandemonium. Later on in the day the president got on the air in the form of a national broadcast and assured every American citizen that everything would be okay. At a time like this lying is most certainly acceptable.

Having a family member fighting a war in a different country can be very stressful to a person. One can only imagine the horrors their relative is going through it’s best to keep them anxiety free by writing them letters letting them know it’s not that bad even when that’s not always the truth. No mother would want to hear about a bomb going off next to her son earlier that day; no child would want to hear about his father being shot at that day. That’s why when soldiers write letter back home they leave out the details of war or they lie to keep their family calm. Losing someone in yourfamily is always stressful and it always helps to have someone there to assure you everything will be fine. However things won’t always be fine losing someone is never fine so the person trying to help you feel better is lying is that wrong? No.

Lying to keep someone safe is alright, sometimes a person isn’t ready for the truth it may just be too hard for them to understand. People who have been hurt don’t want to hear how bad their injury is, the nation doesn’t want to hear everything that’s going wrong in the country, and people who are stressed don’t want to hear how bad everything really is. Sometimes lying is the only solution.