Liberal Democracy of the Current United States

In the current situation of the United States, many individuals had become greatly aware of the fact that change is needed in order for the whole state to regain its past strength for the reason that the people are also seeing the huge amount of negative change of what happened. Reflecting on the citizens of the United States, it is obvious that that people have their own perspectives with regards to the political system posted by the different political parties.

Thus, there are the conservatives, the republicans, democrats and the likes. As the election of president Barack Obama was held, people are in need to have a change in the type of political system which the all the citizens of America had been through. Seeing the United States from the view of outsiders, it is obvious that the United States is a democratic state for it pursues the desire of it people such as to have the proper welfare in terms of healthcare, education and the likes.

In addition to this, the rights of Americans are highly exercised such at the right to vote, the right state their own opinions and the likes. Most Americans are seen as vocal, free and privileged for the reason that they have what they needed due to the support given by its government. Seeing other states most especially the third world countries, most of its citizens do not have the support from their state. Thus, they need to rely on private sectors, non-government organizations and the likes to provide all they need.

In a democratic country, it is a given that the population has the power to state their own perspectives regarding different subjects with out being persecuted by the government. Every citizen is acknowledged to have their rights to have variety of entertainment, religion while still having respect for one another. In the writing of Miroff et. al. he stated that people in the United States have different perspectives regarding democracy.

As a matter of fact, he stated the main points of the elite democracy where in the main points that are discussed were not including the masses but highlighting the point that only the elites are the ones concerned with the issue of politics while neglecting the fact that the greater number of people are the ones more important in comparison with the masses thus, expressing the unimportance of the greater community of people.

His discussion flowed, he stated that the elites see the democracy as the freedom to free and fair elections however, the power of the rule will still be acquired by the elites who has the money and the utmost power to control the economy due to the influence that the group has. (Miroff et. Al, 2006) On the other hand, the view of the popular democracy is very different from the elite democracy. The view of the popular democracy mainly expresses that people are in nature inclined to take part in the decision making of issues which they find very relevant in their lives.

In addition to this, the voting of the people are same as the view point of the democratic elites however, they the popular democrats believes that the participation of the masses is one of the most important factors that is associated with their exercise of their rights. As stated in the earlier discussion, the time of the election is very significant for the masses due to the reason that the decision of who will be the leader of the United States will be a factor to their daily lifestyle. Such that the economy, the stability of their finances as well as the welfare provided for them are significant to their development.

(Miroff et. al, 2006) In the past circumstance in the United States, the hierarchy of the state was often given to the rich and the white Americans. Reflecting on the days where in slavery practiced, people were segregated in terms of color and the social status that they have. As presented by different literary authors such as John Steinbeck who wrote Grapes of Wrath and William Faulkner, the author of a Rose for Emily, their written works were mostly discussing the issues of social classes.

Therefore from the very start, the United States was already utilizing a very elitist’s view point with regards to politics. Although different civil rights organizations and variety of individuals were activity proclaiming their views as well as encouraging other to join the battle against equality, it truly seemed like the United States is reverting back to the olden days due to the perspective that the society currently have. Seeing the political and societal situations of the United States is truly different depending the phases as well as the trends that the whole society sees.

At present, the United States is presently facing turmoil regarding the economy therefore, increasing the participation of the elite due to the need of the government to create actions which will lift the masses from the economic downfall that they are experiencing. In the perspective of the democratic elites, it is evident that they see the importance and the stance of having a ruler of high economic power. Given that elites hold the power for the economy—which is the most important factor for a country; they would be the group that has a stronger control.

Accordingly the economic power is one of the most important aspects in the world economy which creates supremacy to the country that has the brawny economy. Furthermore, the popular democrats believe that liberalism is a form of equality and openness to all people in different walks of life. In the view point of the current leadership of President Obama, it is very obvious that his view on liberalism is much similar to the popular belief for he is pursuing the interest of the many instead of viewing the elitist view point although it’s the time of economic downfall. (Miroff et. Al, 2006)

In conclusion, the United States through the current perspective of President Obama and his team are pursuing the interest of the people of United States. For many years, the politics of the United States has led the people to a economic downfall. The lack of concern of the former President to its people became a way in which the society saw the need for change in order for development to happen again. Similar to President Obama had stated in the past, it is the United States became great due to the idealism they had—nothing seems to be impossible for the United States.

In the end, the United States is a democratic country in which seeks to put the interest of its people among others. Pushing always for equality for its people of different ethnicities, religious and political belief, maturity and perspectives, still the United States shows that it is truly a democratic country. References Miroff, B, Seidelman, R. , Swanstrom, T. (2006). The Democratic Debate. United States of America: Houghton Mifflin.