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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California State is a Republican and has served as a senator since the year 2003. In the United States, most major decisions are made influenced by political party affiliation and thus it is common for a given politician to follow the course called for by his/her political party. This paper shall give a critical analysis of the position taken by Arnold Schwarzenegger as the governor of California in regard to the healthcare reform bill that was introduced by the Obama administration. Background Information on Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Most people know Arnold Schwarzenegger as one of the most famous actors to have graced Hollywood and a famous bodybuilder. However, Arnold Schwarzenegger has proven to be an able politician following his election to serve as a Governor of the California state. He was first elected in 2003 as the 38th governor of the state, a position he was able to retain in 2006 elections. Amongst his major accomplishments as senator are the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 and the Safe, Clean and Reliable Drinking Water Supply Act of 2010 amongst others (Office of the Governor, para 2).

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a Republican for a substantial time ever since relocating to the United States from Austria. Prior to ascendancy to the governorship, Arnold had served as the chairman of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports in the years 1990-3 upon being nominated by George H. W. Bush. He later served as the Californian state chairman of the Council on Physical Fitness and Sports under Governor Pete Wilson. In 1993-4, he served as a Red Cross ambassador where he was involved in the recording of the public service announcements to appeal for blood donations.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s political career began to rise when he competed for the vacant governor position in California following the recall of Governor Gray Davis in the year 2003. He was later to consolidate his grip on the governorship following the election triumph in 2006 (Office of the Governor, para 4). Healthcare policy in the United States: The debate on healthcare in the United States has been centered on various aspects. Among them is the notion on whether healthcare should be a fundamental right or not.

It also invokes the question of who is eligible for accessing the healthcare and under what circumstances. Another question arises on whether the federal government should be involved in the healthcare provision and to what extent. The major concerns on the healthcare policy have been on who is to fund and the role of the federal government in bringing about the much needed changes in reforming the healthcare industry. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Healthcare Reform: Californian Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is seen to be supporting the healthcare reforms being carried out by the Obama administration.

He has proclaimed his support for the national healthcare reform bill contrary to his Republican Party’s stand on the issue. Most Republicans are opposed to the healthcare reforms that have been initiated by the Obama administration but the California Governor is said to have sent a letter to the Health and Human Services Secretary Ms Kathleen Sebelius indicating his intention to work with the federal government in an effort that will see the California residents benefit from the temporal health insurance program.

It is assumed that those not insured under the current insurance scheme shall benefit from the program (Shipman, para 2). It should be remembered that in the year 2007, Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed a comprehensive reform in the state healthcare and that no republican supported the federal Affordable Care Act. It is expected that his support for the healthcare reform bill shall not auger well within the Republican ranks (Shipman, para 3). In his 2007 reform proposals, every California resident was to get insurance irrespective of whether it was from an employer, individual market or subsidized.

There was also to be an increase in Medi-Cal reimbursements to medics and hospitals and that a balanced financing for the healthcare was to be promoted. The proposals also included a reward scheme for healthy choices aimed at reducing prevalence of preventable diseases (State of California, para 2). Why Arnold Schwarzenegger supports the Healthcare reform: It has been observed that in the California state, for every three registered voters, two are Democrats (White, para 3).

From this assumption, it can be argued that the governor supports the course taken by the Democrat government so as to appeal to the voters in order to stand a chance for re-election. However, it can also be argued that faced by the realities on the ground, the governor is working to serve in the best interest of his electorate for he argues that California has a broken health care system which requires some reformations. It is clamed that; Every insured Californian pays a “hidden tax” in the form of higher premiums to subsidize health care for those who can’t, or won’t get health insurance.

Individuals pay $455 annually, families pay $1,186. It is estimated that insured individuals and employers offering coverage pay 17 percent higher premiums to offset the uninsured and the effects of Medi-Cal under-funding (State of California, para 1). Conclusion: Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the few Republicans who can make some judgments in contravention with the party advice. This is crucial for every political representative because what should matter most is the interest of the people one is representing as opposed to the position of the Party.

His support for the healthcare reform should not be seen as a being rebellious to the Republicans since it is meant to serve the interests of the many Californians who have not been able to access healthcare in its current form. Work Cited: Office of the Governor. Arnold Schwarzenegger: 38th Governor of California. 2009. Retrieved on 10th July 2010 from; http://gov. ca. gov/about/arnold Shipman, Laurence. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger supports health care reform. 2010. Retrieved on 10th July 2010 from; http://www.

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