Legalization debate

Legalization of drugs is one of the heated debates at the moment. There are many views that have been given for and against the legalization of the drugs. Each side of the argument has it strong points and its weak points. On my side, I feel that drugs should not be legalized. Drugs contribute to the ruse of crime. This is because drug addicts engage in criminal activities because they engage in property crimes so that they can obtain money to buy the drugs. Drugs also lead to physical and emotional harm to the drug addicts (Hanson & Fleckenstein, 2006). Once the drugs are legalized, they will become more accessible and cheaper.

This means that there are many people who had not tried to use drugs who will start engaging in drug abuse because if the easy accessibility (Hanson & Fleckenstein, 2006). Those people who do not take drugs because they are illegal will start taking them of they are made legal. The temptations to take drugs would also increase when advertisements of drugs such as heroin, cocaine and marijuana are displayed on the television and in other forms of advertisement. Legalization of drugs will also means that there are welfare funds, which will be directed in buying of the drugs.

If welfare funds, are used this way then there will be more problems both socially and economically. Drugs pose health threats to people. For instance, health officials have shown that use of drugs leads to rapid increase of disease such as AIDS through sharing of needles and caner by drugs, which are smoked. (Hanson & Fleckenstein, 2006). Therefore, legalization of drugs would pose a threat to the health of the individual and that of the society. Therefore, drugs should not be legalized. Reference Hanson, G. & Fleckenstein, A. (2006) Drugs and society, 9th edition, Jones & Bartlett Learning.