League of Nations Sample

Q1) In what ways did the League of Nations aim to deal with disputes between countries? (4Marks) The League of Nations would try to encourage countries to disarm so there would be less threat to one another and also for them to trade together to build stronger bonds. The League of Nations would give the nation aggressor a mere verbal warning and if the nation aggressor did not listen to the warning they would have to pay much great consequences such as economic sanctions such as a halt to trade.

Q2) Explain why the League of Nations set up an agencies commissions? (6Marks) The league did tremendous work in getting refugees and former prisoners of war back into their homelands. If they could not get all there prisoners home they would try their very best to get them as close as possible or put them into a nearby campsite so they had somewhere for shelter and to rest + eat. The league set up a world health organisation that worked mainly against the deadly disease leprosy.

It started up the global mission to get rid of all mosquitoes; if they did this it would greatly decrease diseases such as malaria and yellow fever. The health committee even reached out to the USSR which greatly opposed the league at the moment in time. The league made recommendations on marking shipping lanes and produced an international highway code for the road users. Q3) The Abyssinian crisis destroy the League of Nations? (10Marks) I disagree The Abyssinian Crisis was a Lilliputian reason why the League of Nations failed.

There were many other individual reasons as to why it failed. The USA Woodrow Wilson who thought up the League of Nations, despite this, they decided not to join. This was important, as they were the most powerful country in the world. Without power, an army and money, how could the League achieve their aims? Because the USA didn’t join they could still buy and mainly sell when trade sanctions were enforced. The USA was a vital country so without them there was no core to the League, so the League simply fell apart.

However it did have an effect on it so I’m not completely against this point as it shows how the League of Nations was weak when it had to deal with another greater power getting involved and how the League of Nations were weak willed in how Italy could manipulate their powers being in the league taking advantage of this and claiming more land without any problem. Also while the leaguefailed to stop the crisis Hitler took advantage of this as it showed him the league was in a weak position without USA and took advantage of this as he slowly broke more rules in Wilsons 14 points.