Laws and Ethics in Business

Businesses all over the world work towards making profits. This will be achieved by working in places and with people who abide by the laws or regulations of the organization. These laws instill the necessary morals and values that are employed in the various activities that people undertake. When certain individuals choose to disregard ethical values and norms and engage in unlawful business practices, they also choose to drug down the company and their colleagues.

The responsibility of steering such like individuals in the right direction lies in the hands of managers or leaders who have the best interest of the organization and their employees at heart (Cooper, 2001). Ethics policy proposal for GreatestColas’ Eastern Europe Division Having read the challenges facing the just appointed Divisional Vice-President for Eastern Europe, it is evident that the division as well as the company is faced with a lot of ethical issues that have not yet addressed.

The following is a proposal of what the board of directors of GreatestColas’ Eastern Europe Division can do. -They should pay more attention to the basic rules of hiring people so that people, who are able to face challenges, make proper decisions and are accountable. It is evident that they have issues when it comes to employing their personnel. The divisional manager was shocked to learn that the operations manager is the son of a prominent local politician who got the position because the divisional manager’s predecessor made it possible so that he could get the necessary building permits.

Corruption in the form of bribery was involved. The result of such an action leads to poor delivery of services in his operational department as he is not so sure on what his duties and responsibilities in that department entail. -The company should give equal opportunities to all those who seek employment in their companies as this will enhance its’ reputation (Miller & Jents, 1995). The company is not adhering to the laws on equal opportunity and employment at will nor is it educating his employees on such a rule.

As seen from the case scenario, the entire workforce is local and there is resistance on the part of the workers to work with other nationals furthermore, there are no women working in the plant. Evidently, there is employment discrimination. This is a direct indication that the company is biased towards certain groups of people and this is not right especially at this time in the world where people from all walks of life are embracing each other. -The leaders should be environmentally conscious in seeking preventive measures not use exploitive mechanisms that negate the good they are trying to do.

GreatestColas uses a lot of water in it’s brewing process but they have no proper mechanisms in dealing with the effluent discharge by some plants and the large volumes of water usage is affecting the citizens in the surrounding areas. In trying to correct this problem, it has decided to shift its operations into water privatization by providing purification services to the city. By undertaking this initiative, it will gain as this because there will be an increase in the cost of clean water by almost 400% which most of the citizens will not afford.

-They should revisit their business policies in regards to acquiring new businesses so that they engage themselves in activities that do not cause harm to humans (Lutz, 2003). GreatestColas has the opportunity to purchase a controlling interest in a small pharmaceutical company which is doing really well. This company conducts most of its research and human trials in developing countries in order to minimize costs. Ethical concerns have been raised in regard to such an acquisition.

Some people are trying to justify this action by saying that there is no code of conduct that prohibits such a purchase and that the pharmaceutical company in question has not violated any national and international law. As a major bottler, it uses huge quantities of agricultural products most purchased from the American and European sources but some employees are rallying for purchasing commodities directly from the third world countries themselves. This will be cost saving on their part and the developing countries will get capital.

There is no harm in businesses finding effective and efficient ways of minimizing its expenses but from this case it is evident that the company can go to very unimaginable extremes in order to cut down its costs. The managers as well as the employees need to be sensitive to matters that are of great concern to citizens and other people across the globe (Chryssides & Kaler 1993). Strategy for ethics education for my division-legal/ethical international business practices ? Anti-bribery initiative and accountability

Offering of bribes will not be tolerated as seen in the books of account where 5% of the gross revenues are used for bribes to organize crime to ensure that there are no transportation problems. The records should be in check and not made to secure other peoples mistakes. Furthermore the three hour paid lunches will have to be looked into because it is far too much for the division to handle as it tries to make cuts in support for beneficial projects. ? Tough but good leadership strategy

Employers are supposed to follow what their superiors tell them and not offer unnecessary threats like in the situation where they become violent, do their work slowly or even decide not to work because other people who are not local as they are being given a chance for employment. ? Enhancing safety measures Safety measures and the work place safety laws. The safety laws were put in place to ensure that the employees’ health and well-being are protected. The rules on safety and the use of safety gadgets should be followed to the very core even if they slow down the employees (Lingard &Rowlinson, 2005).

What if someone was to die in the work place, definitely the company will be sued for negligence and that is why these rules should be strictly followed. It is evident that the Divisions Vice-President is facing reluctant and unruly employees but that is why leaders are leaders because they are supposed to lead and not be followers or be told what to do. It is therefore the responsibility of anyone in leadership positions to ensure that the rules and regulations in the workplace are adhered to.

In conclusion, the organization needs to work on implementing the policies that see to address the ethical challenges it is facing while the divisions should concentrate on curbing the unhealthy practices in the workplace because it is this small things that contribute to the bigger ethical problems facing institutions. As times change, ethics also change. The laws in place do not require perfect behavior but sets minimal standards of conduct and ethics is about goodness and ideals. All of which should be incorporated in the organization for proper delivery of services (Curry, 2008).

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