Laws and Law Makers

Humans thought and assumed that the universe runs the same way as they run their societies. They have believed this, because they have noticed that humans have created law and order and put a strict enforcement on it so that, every person must follow it whether they like it or not. And if they reject and go against these laws, they will have to face great penalty that they must pay. So when they saw their seated order they found it similar to the universe. This anthropomorphic theory is a natural pride that humans feel for themselves.

Somehow, ironically, it has been judged that the human beings are the actual source of value and hold higher position in the universe. But if we put a higher a higher set of values on them, but it should be done on the same kind but on someone greater than ordinary human being, like super human beings. Because that is the only way the deed can be done. Society means community and community is a set of ideas, without these ideas on politics morals and ethics, the society will lose its pillars and will cause a great devastation.

Every person living in the society had the idea about what is good and evil in their perception and they cannot be hidden from the society in which we live. But if men and women try to create a society without sharing, respecting each other's ideas and thoughts and will disagree to any fundamentals, the society will fall into pieces, so that means some laws are not physically available but it is our duty to prevent and follow these laws, it is the same with morals. Historically and socially the three main problems that mankind has been facing are law, order and discipline.

This problem was never been solved nor still is solve. But unfortunately the cause of this problem is mankind itself. The solution to this problem is far impossible or complicated to deal with because the arrogance is mankind's nature, and that is why the law problem has not been solved yet. Mankind thinks that they are the absolute ruler and think of themselves as Godhead, so they created laws and order and enforced them to follow. Law is what Human kind wants but on their whim, its only discipline. That show, how they are full of themselves or arrogance, which is why they are still suffering.

But now the question is how long they can take this suffering, how long they will revolve around the same absurd laws, legislates, invents, and man coin. They can still pull themselves out of this mess by accepting that there is only one  being that rules and make order but no one else. Law and Morality: At some time it seems that law morality has no difference. But law is not that important as morality but somehow, they are not regulated by any legal authorities. So now the question arises, how someone can have a workable authority when there is no legal authority to enforce on it as they do law.

Laws and rules are generally design to regulate the activities. They often do such acts that are unethical but not illegal; they do those acts privately and keep it to themselves. If we see the difference between these two i. e. law and morality, then there is none. Because law is what the people of present society decided, means they are the one who decided what is legal or illegal according to politics. But in reality every person had a sense to judge the right and wrong. But in some cases law and morality do agree at the same time at some cases, like rape, murder, bribery, fraud etc.

But in some cases they do not agree. So I think the morality is far better than law. Absurd Law of Different Country: The publishers of news paper The Times published 25 most amusing laws of different countries. Australians pretend themselves to be naive people in the asserted mirror of laws. Australians have made a strange law that a citizen are not allowed to dress up in black clothes and faces to be painted in black color because they have such concepts that all the above defined getup indicates portrait of a night thief.

In Switzerland one of the weird law made by the government is to forbid the violation of flush tanks, it is a rule there that after 10 pm citizen are strictly not allowed to flush their tanks with pressure as it will create disturbance for the neighbors. Singapore is a city which is well known and famous for its neatness, the citizen of this state are charged for throwing garbage on streets. The fine is about 600 dollars. A strange rule over there is that the chewing gums are strictly band since 12 years. There is a state in Africa named Swaziland, in this particular state women are prohibited from wearing pants or trousers.

If any woman is noticed wearing pants or trousers the soldiers snatched them off the woman and tear it into pieces. In France it is not allowed to name pig after the name of Napoleon. Constitution: Constitution is the basic and important part for every country. Every country have its own and different constitutions, in which there whole government runs. Constitution describes the relationship between the different parts in government and also sets the rights and rules for the citizens of a country, in which the government cannot interfere or change anything; it is like a law for the government.