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Hackers have been around for a very long time. Hacks can range from disrupting websites, cracking data bases and releasing untold amounts of sensitive or private data. There are two different types of hackers, white hats and black hats. White hats are hackers that help prevent people that are on the other side of the law. Some white hats were once black hats that may have been caught and decided to work with government agency’s such as the FBI rather than go to jail.

Black hats are hackers that hack for things such as personal gain or to simply disrupt or gain access to information that they want. Almost all hackers have an alias or a handle such as Dark Dante or C0mrade. Anonymous hacks FBI cybercrime conference call. Lulz gang leaked a FBI conference call Stratfor hack upends private sector intelligence provider. Lulzsec leader Sabu obtains 860,000 stratfor customers info and 60,000 credit card numbers.

Hacker king turns informant Sabu and five other principal members of Anonymous and LulzSec. Both groups were accused of hacking into Sony, PBS and Stratford. Hacktivists Drive Global Law Enforcement Agencies To Unite. Many Law Enforcement agencies around the world have started working together with the help of Sabu to stop cyber crime. Despite arrests hacktivists operations continue. “you can’t arrest an idea” attacks launched under the mantle of those groups continued unabated.

The FBI has put a lot of resources into trying to stop black hat hackers. Symantec sees pcAnywhere Extortion Shakedown. Anonymous released 2 GB of source code pertaining to the 2006 version of Symantec’s pcAnywhere remote access software. Hackers Target banks over Anti-Muslim Film. (Ddos) or distributed denial of service attacks were made by a Muslim hacktivist group calling themselves Cyber Fighters of Izz Ad-din Al qassam. They targeted banks for the youtube video mocking the founder of Islam.

Anonymous Continues Pressing Political Agenda. Anonymous Group obtained and released 1. 7 GB Justice Department database and 2. 4 million Syrian government emails. Anonymous’ Achilles Heel: Anonymity. Recurring problems hackers have is remaining anonymous online. After the website Hidemyass. com complied with law enforcement requests numerous Lulz and Anonymous hackers were caught and arrested. Even antivirus founder John McAfee has been arrested for “black hat crimes”.