Law Court

For the present research, the following research question will be taken as the focus of the study: (a) What steps have been taken in a government to meet measures of good governance? And the following sub-questions will also be investigated. (A) What steps are necessary for ensuring good governance in courtrooms? (B) What link is found between good governance in courtrooms and economic justice? Methodology and Research Design

With the nature of the study and the research question, the present study tends to focus to investigate of the research issues from the angle of Qualitative research paradigm. The rationale of choosing this paradigm is that it will give insight into the above quoted issues from the investigation of on-going process related specifically to research questions. Furthermore, the research questions demand that naturalistic processes and data to be examined to grasp the kernel of the research.

However, if there is any need for the purpose of high validity and objective examination of the research questions, the present study may also consult to the positivistic or quantitative paradigm in order to collect numeral data and fact and figures related to strengthen the point to be investigated. Date Analysis Qualitative data will be analyzed by cross examination and critical approaches to studies cross examined by other critics in this area. However, for the data analysis of quantitative fact and figures, the present study may, if there is need or limitation of feasibility options, consult to the second sources.

These second sources may be research bodies of governmental organizations, non governmental organizations, or individual studies conducted in this area. Conclusion For good governance in the courtrooms and better economic justice are to be seen as two interlinked phenomena due to their subjective relativity in the daily life processes in the overall course of life anywhere in the world. With this observation in hand, whatever policies are formed, there is no doubt that a better approach in both these areas will be met.

One example is the foundation of the International Court of Justice that focuses on such critical issues as discrimination of human rights, frustration among countries for any issues whatsoever, and so on. As such for good governance in the courtroom and economic justice it should be noted that judicial system from public opinion and concerns to internal processes must be scrutinized so that loopholes can be pointed out the reprimanded.

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