Justice reform

It is evident that the "criminal justice system is essentially a political entity whose basic framework is lodged within the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of government" (Siegel & Senna, 2007, 7) and in the context of juvenile justice reform it is essential to impose proper care and concern for a sane future of the society.

The first recommendation for the reform in the juvenile justice system involves fundamental fairness for all youth who become involved in the system as because it is essential to society that person involved should grow up without any grudge against the judicial system at least in the terms of homogenous nature of justice. Secondly, it is essential to recognition of the developmental differences between young people and adults, as determined by sound scientific research because while handling a juvenile it is important to be more considerate than usual.

Again, recognition of young offenders’ potential to be rehabilitated and to change in a way the benefits them and society as a whole because as human resource each individual is invaluable and a young offender can ultimately became a national pride or at least a good citizen if handled properly. Safety for communities and individuals are also to be taken into consideration because a juvenile offender is due to retunes to the society and it is important to make the individual suited for the society.

Personal responsibility for one’s own actions is to be understood by the offender as this way it would be possible to evaluate the mistake and learn from it. Recommendation is also placed in terms of Community and system responsibility where it is the society’s obligation to safeguard the welfare of children and adolescents, to support them in need, and to help them grow into healthy, productive citizens as it is essential to look after each individual from both a legal and humane approach.

Lastly, it is recommended to place the juvenile offenders in better and moral based prisons as that would help the offender to become a better citizen in future.


Siegel, Larry J & Senna, Joseph J; 11th Edition; (January 3, 2007); Introduction to Criminal Justice; Wadsworth Publishing