Justice in the Court Room

Federal and state courts demand verdict determination based only on the information presented at trials. In America, political issues always override legal issues. These political issues go against racial minorities in official settings. “Tocqueville once commented that the jury was, above all, a political institution” (Collins, 1997). These same political groups allegedly protecting minorities are the same organizations sabotaging their employment, having them incarcerated, and creating damaging records. Racial minorities, Blacks, Hispanics, and now Middle Easterners (since 9/11) have been targeted by the political system for years.

Racial discrimination problems are instigated by political organizations because their jobs depend on it. Employees working for political organizations form a network chain with school teachers. Blacks are among those targeted because of political views. Many Black children grow up in single homes. This is viewed as a disadvantage no matter how great the single parent is doing. People are employed in the public assistance system because unwed mothers need financial help. Government systems encourage and reward teachers for problems.

Many government positions, including social services, civil services, law enforcement, rehab programs, psychologists, human rights, civil rights, rights for minorities existence depend on problems with youth. The more clients these social service programs have, the bigger their budget. Racial minorities experiencing unfairness just because of circumstances may make judgments based on incidences other than the evidence presented. Black judges and attorneys who are in the system are assured of not saying or doing anything that would compromise the political system.

Racial minorities are targets because of racial profiling. Racial profiling is created by people paid to “help” them. Helping them means putting them on public assistance, sending them to counseling groups, or having them incarcerated “to save them. ” More often than not, the only thing being saved is social services credibility. Groups allegedly helping racial minorities remain employed because of misconduct within ethnic communities. Teachers and social workers reputation are jeopardized when students fail to show behavior problems that organization or state accepted funding for.

When investigated closely, it is easy to see that welfare systems encourage unwed pregnancies, discrimination groups only assist people if they fit into a particular physical category, employment commissions encourage unemployment. Racial minority discrimination justifies a demand for these services. America grouping as many people as they can into discrimination groups, resulting in incarceration, counseling or physical conditions controls the overall income individuals are allowed to make. No one knows for sure what the U. S. government have been doing with the money once they confirm people who are on fixed incomes. Minorities getting into same official legal profession that have been compromising them for years based on their race may uncover some of these secrets.

Racial Minorities Defending Criminals; Courts do not indict and bring justice based on individuals behavior. Courts indict people to support political groups. Black attorneys and judges empathize with the unfairness in government systems. Black judges and attorneys are put on the spot just like the people they are defending.

All judges and attorneys failing to follow rules protecting judicial system, even when the government is wrong, soon find themselves out of work. Following this system gives the accused a defense. “The U. S Supreme Court ruled in 1986 that when a prosecutor struck four blacks from serving on a jury in the trial of a black defendant, resulting in an all white jury, it violated the mans Sixth Amendment right to a fair trial and his 14th Amendment right to equal protection under the law” (Carter,  2005). This person may have been guilty of the accusations. Selecting a diverse jury protects the courts from further allegations.