Jasoon Steed

The genre of my book is fiction. It is not real because it includes spies,the triads and even an eleven-year -old spy. In the beginning of the story jason was in the wrongeplace e risked his life to saveat the wronge time, and is now being hunted by his own goverment and the triads leaders. In the middle of the story he has to prove his innocence, also has to fight his friends and hi foes. In the end he proves thatg he was being framed and he quits the spy buessness. The protagonist is jason steed his motivation was to prove that he could be normal kid, howevercant do that if he is constantly battling the triads.

In the end he does because after he proved he had been framed he quit the spy thing. Now and then he would fight regular criminals. Jason’s nieghborhood is filled with lurking criminals. my community is a little bad because their are hardly any crime doers. I can only imagine that were jason lives(london) is really clean and neat and all fancy. My community is nothing like that it is the totall oposite (dirty). The mood of this story varies it could be dramatic,romantic,serious,exciting and scary. It was romantic when he risked his life to savehis girlfriend(the presidents daughter).

It got serious when he got caught by the triads and got a brutal beating only to have to face his old enemy and almost died. It got exciting when he was fighting the leader of the triads and kicked her off the 30 story balcony. Ihe conflict of this story is when he got framed. also hunted down,and on europes top most wanted list. After he killed the triad leader he went back to his old headquarters and all the agents were ready to kill him. he stopped them and explained everything. He quit and became a regular kid. In chapter 2 Jason had to go undercover as a criminal in jail to spy on the son of one of the triads leader.

Just like how this girl asked her friend to go out with me to learn everything about me. of course Jason’s mission was top secret, both missions are similar. The only thing is, is that Jason got hurt and she did’nt. This book has a kind of James Bond type of theme. It deals with betrayal, love, death, shooting and alot of daredevil flips and jumps. I think the author is trying to express what spies are like, mostly their lifestyle. He must’ve been watching a movie and got inspired. This book was quite interesting, cerainly ” A page-turner in the spirir of Alex Rider and Co. ‘ -Kirkus.

” This book was thrilling and in most parts sent chills down my spine. Yes, to a friend mostly to compare what we thought of the book. Also to fight in an argument over most exciting parts and fcts about the book. there really aren’t any hard vocabular that would help expand anybodies vocabulary. However there are some english Cockney rhyming slang: Apples and Pears-stairs, Bloody or Bleeding- curse words used by most British, deemed nonoffensive, Brown Bread-dead,Butcher’s Hook-look. woul be used when someone says, ” Take a butcher’s at this”, dog and Bome- telephone, Jam Jar-car, Old and Bill-police.