Is America Ready for Women President?

Since the time that America own governance, presidency were controlled by men. Nothing change, from the start of the America’s government until today, men still have their power inside the White House. Different women attempted to run for presidency but still men wins and sometimes women backed their things out after they have studied that America is not yet ready to have a woman president. However, have these issues been changed after several years? The context of American culture was based on the symbolic status of men in society.

Men are known to be stronger than women, which came from our ancestors million years ago. Nevertheless, it was still a social status of the present generation; women running for office are like pushing a wall of rock in order to build their goal of presidency. Aside from this, American society perceived that women could not maintain peace and security towards the nation for they were incapable of handling these kinds of issues. Senator Clinton is one of those women who want to run for office in 2008.

There are stating that America is willing to have a woman president for a change, but it was not as easy as that. America wants Senator Clinton because she was popular from her husband former President Clinton. However, it was not the issue in this sensitive case. America just wanted to have change but for temporary execution. Even for lifelong Democrats there seems to be something missing in her     character that troubles them in deciding to warm up to her as a presidential     candidate.

It is an intangible feeling that is hard to put into words but there     seems to be something missing that needs to be found for her to connect to     voters if she is to become our first woman president. (Guttman, 2007) People are excited to know who will be the next president in 2008. Senator Clinton’s proposal to run as a president would become part of American history especially when she wins. However, many Americans protests her candidacy to some her historical background in the senate and while she was the first lady of the country.

Along with the articles about this issue, bloggers had their emotions towards the upcoming election next year and their feelings towards having a woman president. According to most of those bloggers in different sites, they were open for a new way of governance if a woman will take its thrown in the White House, but it should not be Senator Clinton due to her biased statements and ridiculed actions that made Americans unable to vote her. America may be ready for a female President, but I'm not sure America is ready     for a female who is smart and serious.

That has to change. The Presidency is far     too important for us to look for a candidate who makes us feel warm and fuzzy. Hillary is not my first choice of a candidate at this point, but she is heroic in     facing the crap that any woman has to contend with as she assumes leadership     in this country. According to DeanOR, a blogger, though America is ready for a woman president, it is not ready yet for the next step that a woman should do and bring its people to a new dimension of governance.

It is a complex situation for America to feel this situation because they do not have any idea of how a woman can rule not only America but also almost the whole world. If a woman ready for this kind of responsibility, then she must run and prove to America that she has the capability of ruling the society. However, if her intention is to experience governing a first world country is not a good reason. Therefore, she might think twice. Many articles about this issue conclude that America is not yet ready to have a woman president because their perspective focused on Senator Clinton.

Writers attacked Clinton’s weaknesses and irrelevant actions that made her incapable of serving the country. Because of this, America could not afford to have this kind of president if she has no idea how big her responsibility is. People of America were divided into two. Some say that they would accept if a woman president will run the country but also some of them thought that it would be more conflicting and problematic if a woman will enter the scene of authority. Different angles coming from different kinds of people wanted changed towards the present government.

It was seen that having a woman president became their escape to the fact that men could not be able to run the country well and “maybe” a woman could do it. As a whole, America do not have their voice yet for they still thinking of the possible circumstances that may occur after voting for a woman to be their president. However, we could not see the future – it was just a matter of risking and valuing that experience to learn from the past and move on for the future.

America is not ready not for having a woman president but to face the reality of a transformed nation.

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