International corporate identity politics

International corporate identity policy and advertisement are options within international communications. There are different basic strategies for a worldwide communication: a global (standardised) strategy and a non-global (differentiated) strategy. In the first case one communications politic is applied worldwide. In the second case there is a differentiation between the communication politics in different countries. To achieve the goals of corporate identity a company can make use of following instruments:

Corporate design, corporate communications that includes corporate advertising and public relations, and corporate behaviour. Corporate design is the identical design of the company name and company sign in advertisements, letter heads and facilities. Concerning the corporate design Benetton follows a global strategy. The green logo with white letters is used globally by Benetton. Also the interior design of its retail stores are globally on the same level. In terms of corporate communications this is not always the case. The task of corporate advertising is to achieve an image increase.

In general, a company is perceived in different ways by different countries. In this case it is advisable to follow a differentiated corporate advertising strategy. After the shocking advertising in the USA, Benetton had to accept a strong image loss. They decide to change their strategy and introduce conventional advertising to the US market. Based on the problems and protests within the population, that mostly store managers and franchise partner in the USA have to face, Benetton begins to deliver local adjusted advertising.

Public relations also aim to improve the corporate image and are linked to different external groups, such as banks or suppliers. They are strongly heterogenic, which means that they depend on cultural and social forces. Therefore public relations can hardly be standardised. Corporate behaviour should "provoke" an employee behaviour that equals the corporate identity. The standardisation of corporate behaviour is limited by socio-cultural conditions. The core elements of corporate identity are based on security and trust.

It is doubtful in this context if Benetton achieves these requirements with its "United Colors of Benetton" campaigns. The consequence of this campaign is that 400 contracts, which lead to the opening of retails stores, are not finalised. The corporate identity is linked in this way with the visual advertising campaign, which is presented through media. With the increased publicity about the controversial advertising campaign, Benetton becomes one of the five most well known brands in the world.