Industrial Revolution

In 1765, the Industrial Revolution was born. It was all started when British inventors created many different machines that would allow people to mass produce products. It was this transformation from manual labor to mechanical labor that started this new revolution. This revolution is what formed our country is the base of where it all started. Popping up all over in European cities were dreary, sterile factories that provided all new types of employment which created a surge to their economy. America was not so easily persuaded that industrialization was the way to go since they were all developing the land and starting small settlements in the newly founded Colonies.

The Americans were already having a tough time clearing land, planting crops, harvesting and building their homes. America was already low on money and wasn’t so quick to invest in industrialization of their colonies since it would cost quite a bit to do so. In order for America to catch up with Britain in the international market of selling goods, they needed a more defined class structure which had to be done through education. Those who already had made out to be successful started to find new ways to make life easier for others.

These contributors provided the colonies with writing, art, medicine, language, and science. A few of the main contributors were Mercy Otis Warren, Benjamin Rush, Benjamin Banneker, Charles Wilson Peale and Phillis Wheatley. These five people were huge contributors to our newly founded country. Without them we might never have become our own individual country as we are today. The industrial revolution also had impacted America in a negative way.

The citizens who had to work in the new factories and businesses had poor working conditions, low wages, and worked many long hours every day. In result of this they revolted. When many strikes had started up the unions to improve these harsh conditions were formed. These unions would help insure that the employees weren’t working in conditions where they could become injured or killed or even just become ill with sickness and disease.

They also made sure that the employees weren’t underpaid and overworked. If a union found a factory or business of sorts that wasn’t treating its employees how it was supposed to, the union could penalize the business for not treating employees in a correct manner. It finally seemed like there was justice to the employees whom were mistreated in the workplace. If we didn’t have labor unions in today’s businesses people would be treated horribly. Some businesses already mistreat their employees so what would it be like if our founders hadn’t formed these unions?

The impacts of the Industrial Revolution were good and bad. There were political, social and moral impacts that occurred in the newly forming country. There were also vast contributors to our country that helped us catch up to Britain in the international market of goods and if we wouldn’t have had those impacts or contributors we never would have reached where we are today.