Impact of diffrent goverment policies on a range of public services

Write an essay which assesses the benefits of good citizens to the public services and society respecting equality. Begin your essay with an introduction which gives the definition of a citizen, citizenship and diversity linking the ideas of good citizenship to the work of the public services showing the benefits that can exist. Benefits of a good citizen In this essay I will be speaking about the benefits of a good citizen to the public service and society respecting equality.

I will also be writing about the volunteer working in public services, volunteers in the community, adding value to society and supporting society, protecting the environment, challenging injustice, and making a positive difference to affect fairness and to improve society. I will also be doing a conclusion at the end to go over everything in a brief view. Citizen: a person who is at home in any country. Citizenship: The status of a citizen with its attendant duties, rights, and privileges. Diversity: It means understanding that each individual is unique, and recognizing our individual differences.

These can be along the dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies. Volunteers working in public service There are many different types of roles as a volunteer working in the public service a few examples are: St John’s ambulance Mountain/cave rescue Special police constable Territorial army Lifeboat volunteers Retained fire fighter Normally most of these jobs are unpaid work, although Territorial Army is paid and always these jobs are done in your own spare time or when there is an emergency accident.

Volunteers should be well respected by the public as they volunteer to make the society a better place to live in and they are not been paid to do it. Volunteers in the community There are thousands of people who will give their time up to volunteer in their local community on a range of issues including youth work, environmental activities and charity work. These are also organisations that promote voluntary work in the community such as the duke of Edinburgh award scheme. Volunteering is seen as very worthwhile way to contribute to society and help to achieve valuable skills that may be able to trainer into a paid employment.

Adding value and supporting society When people volunteer develop the lives in the communities and individuals they serve, when they do this they are adding incredible amounts of value to society. They are going out of their way to help others in the communities to make it have a better life. Protecting the environment Good citizens are conscious of the importance of the environment on several levels, when they clear up litter and that their dogs don’t foul the pavement, this then means the area is safer and cleaner.

They may also join local projects such as recycling initiatives or cleaning up waste on land, to get more people doing this they will encourage their friends and family to do the same. On a larger scale they may support renewable energy initiatives or environmental charities. Challenging injustice and enables fairness Good citizens should aim to challenge injustice and the origins of injustice, this can challenge people who may come across racist or homophobic language or acting as an advocate for someone who may have difficulty speaking on their own.

A good citizen would support the principle of fairness and equality, they also should be involved in reporting crimes and cooperating with the police being willing to challenge anti-social behaviour and appear as a witness in court. Improves society and makes a positive difference The good citizens improve the social environment around us; they create a sense of community and sense of pride in their surroundings. They do this by making sure properties are maintained and they have to act as role models for the young people around them.

Diversity in the public service Public service’s value diversity brings additional skills and strengths that can help when dealing with local and national communities and even overseas conflict situations such as: Additional languages Religious knowledge Cultural knowledge It is more identifying for the public service sector, seeing the difference between officers who are recruits of the community. It’s about valuing those differences as a way to make the service more efficient and effective and responsive to the needs to the diverse public they serve.

The qualities of a good citizen are: Responsibility: a good citizen takes personal duty to improve the community in the area they live in; there are no complaints about litter or how poor the community may be. They will take their spare time to go out their way to pick the litter up or they will organise a group of people to work with them to achieve the task which has been set. Every good citizen see themselves as been responsible for changing things for the better, they will not wait around for someone else to come and do it.

Dedication: They will not give up on the task’s they are willing to complete, da good citizen are all dedicated to the task at hand and set themselves on a course of action that they are prepared to see what the outcome will be. Positive attitudes to other people: Everyone needs to have a good attitude to the other communities around them; they make sure they are respectful, considerate of others, helpful and non-judgemental. They are not racist or homophobic; they welcome anyone into their community no matter what religion or race they are.

Participation in community activates: A good citizen participates fully in all the community activates such as community fund raising and environmental campaigns. Awareness of the needs of others: Good citizens have an awareness that we are not all the same and some people need more support than others in contributing to a community because of the issue such a poverty, language or disability. They help provide a supportive community which values all his members. Conclusion.

In the volunteer work there are many jobs in which people commit to and do not get paid some of these are St John’s ambulance, Mountain/cave rescue and a Special police constable. All these jobs are done of peoples own backs; I think any volunteers should be very well respected as they are willing to help the community. A good citizen helps the community; it gives everyone a sense of friendliness, safer, and makes people feel safe if they are about on their own.

Every community needs to have respect to one another, they will need to be happy and if everyone follows this there will be fewer problems in the community. This will then help the public service’s as there will be minimum issues to be dealt with. I think good citizens improve the social environment around us; they create a sense of community and helps improve the environment by cleaning up and picking up litter. Being a good citizen will help the community out and to make it feel like an after and cleaner place, I feel that good citizens are needed in the community otherwise it may become untidy.