Immovable property condition report

This condition report concerns the immovable property situated at [furnish both deeds office and physical descriptions of the property concerned] (“the property”). This report does not constitute a guarantee and/or warranty of any kind or nature by the owner of the property or by the property practitioners representing that owner in any transaction. This report should, therefore, not be regarded as a substitute for any inspections or warranties that prospective purchasers may wish to obtain prior to concluding an agreement of sale in respect of the property.

Owner’s information Definitions In this form: “am aware” mean to have notice or knowledge; while “defect” means any condition, whether latent or patent, that would or could have a significant deleterious or adverse impact on, or affect, the value of the property, that would or could significantly impair or impact upon the health or safety of any future occupants of the property or that, if not repaired and/or removed and/or replaced, would or could significantly shorten or adversely affect the expected normal lifespan of the property. Disclosure of information.

The owner of the property discloses the information hereunder in the full knowledge that, even though this is not to be construed as a warranty, prospective purchasers of the property may rely on such information when deciding whether, and on what terms, to purchase the property. The owner hereby authorises the appointed property practitioner marketing the property for sale to provide a copy of this statement, and to disclose any information contained in this statement, to any person in connection with any actual or anticipated sale of the property.

Provision of additional information The owner represents that to the best of his/her knowledge the responses to the statements in respect of the property contained herein have been accurately noted as “yes”, “no” or “not applicable”. Should the owner have responded to any of the statements with a “yes”, the owner shall be obliged to provide, in the additional information area of this form, a full explanation as to the reason(s) why the response to the statement concerned has been reflected as a “yes”. Statement concerning the condition of the property.

I am aware of defects in the roof. YesNoN/A I am aware of defects in the electrical systems. I am aware of defects in any part of the plumbing systems, including any defects pertaining to the swimming pool, if any. I am aware of defects in the heating and/or air conditioning systems, including air filters and humidifiers. I am aware of defects in the septic system or other sanitary disposal systems. I am aware of any defects to the property and/or in the basement or foundations of the property, including cracks, seepage and bulges.

Other such defects include, but are not limited to, flooding, dampness or wet walls and unsafe concentrations of mould or defects in drain tiling or sump pumps. I am aware of any structural defects in the property. I am aware of boundary line disputes, encroachments or encumbrances including a joint driveway. I am aware that remodelling or refurbishment has affected the structure of the property. I am aware that any additions and/or improvements made to and/or any erections made on the property, have been done or were made, only after the required consents, permissions and permits to do so were properly obtained.

I am aware that a structure on the property has been designated as a historic building. I have resided on the property for years and purchased the property on . Transfer of the property was registered into my name on . Additional information Owner’s certification The owner hereby certifies that the information provided in this report is, to the best of the owner’s knowledge and belief, true and correct as at the date when the owner signs this report. Certification by person supplying information.

If a person other than the owner of the property provides the required information that person must certify that he/she is duly authorised by the owner to supply the information and that he/she has supplied the correct information on which the owner relied for the purposes of this report and, in addition, that the information contained herein is, to the best of that person’s knowledge and belief, true and correct as at the date on which that person signs this report. Notice regarding advice or inspections.

Both the owner as well as potential buyers of the property may wish to obtain professional advice and/or to undertake a professional inspection of the property. Under such circumstances adequate provisions must be contained in any agreement of sale to be concluded between the parties pertaining to the obtaining of any such professional advice and/or the conducting of required inspections and/or the disclosure of defects and/or the making of required warranties. Buyer’s acknowledgement.

• The prospective buyer acknowledges that he/she has been informed that professional expertise and/or technical skill and knowledge may be required to detect defects in, and non-compliance aspects concerning, the property. • The prospective buyer acknowledges receipt of a copy of this statement. Thus done and signed at on this day of 20 Owner Owner Prospective purchaser Prospective purchaser The property practitioner acknowledges receipt of this disclosure form. Property practitioner Date: