Immigration Influence in U.S.A.

Immigration can be said to occur when people leave their home country to settle in a new country, mostly, in search of a better life. This study seeks to analyze immigration, the influence of immigrants on the American way of life plus immigration laws and how they affect immigrants. The immigrants on focus are the Chinese. Immigration is regarded as a very serious issue in America because of its political, economic and even cultural implications. It is responsible for numerous public debates that have led to the discussion and adoption of certain immigration policies by the American government. Statement of the Problem (Topic of Thesis)

The study will explore the influences that immigration has had on the United States, with particular focus to Chinese immigrants. It aims to look at immigration within its historical perspective and its present stance. It also seeks to show, if any, how immigrants especially the Chinese have influenced culture, economics and politics in America. The study will also explore major immigrant laws and how they affect the Chinese immigrants. Reports in the media on immigration have over the years created massive public interest and debates and there are important implications for immigration law policies.

The media focuses most of its time analyzing illegal immigrant issues and how they are likely to affect the ordinary American. This is the major reason immigration issues attract such attention, the American public seeks clarification on all the stories in the media and because the American government is held responsible by its people it answers accordingly for instance through policies to control illegal immigrations. The study will provide an understanding of the economic, political and cultural impacts of the Chinese immigrants on the Americans.

China is the world’s most populous country; as such there are usually many immigrants to the U. S. every year that could be legal or illegal. This has important implications to the economical and political arena in America. It will also demonstrate the usefulness of immigration laws as part of the U. S. government policies to control illegal immigrations. Illegal immigrations account for a considerable percentage of all immigrations to the U. S. Immigration not being a new area of study has considerable literature for detailed analysis. I propose to study immigration as a positive rather than negative issue.

Immigration is seen from a negative point of view. That most immigrants either harbor infectious diseases or are criminals. Objectives The study seeks to establish if there is a relationship between Chinese immigration into the United States and its influence to the American economics, culture and politics. That is, does Chinese immigration result in any way to either positive or negative influences on the American culture, economics and politics. The topic is significant because it will seek to show immigration from a positive and beneficial point of view.

To show that Chinese immigrants have contributed so much and have a lot more to offer the Americans by way of diverse culture and growth of the American economy, especially the Chinese-Americans (Chinese who are American citizens by birth and are descendants of Chinese immigrants who came to America in the 1800s or early 1900s). The questions to be addressed are: What is the Chinese immigrants’ history? At what stage is it today? What new immigration laws exist and how they would work on immigrants? The main question is, how did the immigrants (Chinese) influence the American economics, culture and politics?a