Immigration in Europe

Immigration of people can be regarded as the movement of people from one destination to another on search of favorable living conditions. Immigration can be divided into two categories . These types includes the illegal migration and the legal migration. Legal migration involves the migration of people with the consent of the laws of the country of destination. At the same time the illegal migration involves the migration without following the right procedures which have been drawn by the country of destination of the migrants.

Immigration in Europe after the Second World War has been recorded as one of the outstanding migration where by the involved communities were searching for the conducive environment full of security and better living conditions. This paper tries to bring out the immigration of some communities such as the Jews, the poles and the Kurds people in Europe since the end of the Second World War. Consequently this paper analyses the effect of these immigration to the countries of destination and the analysis of their relationship with the people of the country of destination.

Causes of immigration Causes of the immigration have been classified as either being pool factors or push factors (Bauder, Harald, pp50-62). But in general these factors can be either regarded as being economic, political, cultural and environmental factors. These pull and push factors make people to be attracted to start migrating. Push factors usually are influenced by the country of origin and the pull factors are influenced by the country of destination.

Sometimes the pull factors may be regarded as push factors. Some of the push factors include lack of the job opportunities in the country of origin, whereby the opportunities are less than the existing people available. Moreover the primitive conditions at the country of origin may be regarded as one of the push factor. Lack of the amenities such as poor medical services, poor housing facilities and lack of educational services are some of the factors which influence the migration of people.

At the same time the natural disasters such as earth quakes, foods and diseases have greatly influenced the immigration of some communities in Europea. Consequently some factors such as the political prosecution and slavery can also contribute to the immigration of some communities. Religious discrimination and racial discrimination has been found to influence the immigration of some communities in the European continent in general. Desertification which has consequently led to the rise of feminine has influenced a lot of migration (Fell, P and Hayes).

Immigration of the Poles in Europe: Poland which has been regarded as the seventh populated country in the European continent is located in the East central Europe, bordering Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Slovakia. .Poland has been regarded as one of the countries in habited by the catholic Christian population. Poland name originates from the Slavic tribes which inhabited in the Vistula valley as earlier as the end of the second millennium (Hoerder, Dirk 41). The migration of this groups led to the establishment of some three groups .

After the end of the first world war an independent country of Poland was established. But later on the Second World War this Poland was again controlled by other countries such as the Soviet Union and Germany. The first immigration of the polish community dates as back as the year of 1600, but the significant migrations can be traced after the Second World War. Most of the immigration took place in to the country of Germany . where up to date is occupied by the polish nationals. The first group of these immigrants composed of the intellectuals who felt that they lacked the educational facilities at their countries.

At the same time this people were forced from their country due to the political instability in their country. Consequently many of the people flew to the cities of Paris, London and in Geneva. The other second group consisted of the Christian elites who were generally Catholics in nature. Most of the polish immigrants would cluster together in cities and large towns. There is a great confusion on the exact number of the polish immigrants during this period (Knorr 61-65). At the end of the 1950 most of the poles had migrated into German, but in the second half of the twenty century the German poles started an exodus Russia and Austria.

This was attributed by the German policy which was aimed at restricting the catholic powers as most of the polish nationals were majory of the catholic denomination. Some factors such as over population and hunger made these polish people immigrate to other countries again . There is the forth wave of the polish immigration which is underway currently. This immigration consists of the young people who are migrating in such of the better job opportunities. Most of the polish immigrants have a destination in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic (Manning, PP22-35) .

The polish immigrants have been assimilated into the foreign cultures presently. It is estimated that about 40% of the polish community have migrated in to other European countries. Immigration of the Jews in Europe: Immigration of the Jews dates back to the times when there was a lot of hostility between the Jews and the Nazi who occupied most of the Europe territories. Thus the push factor for their migration can be regarded as the security and political persecutions.

This immigration of the Jews is commonly referred as the Aliyah Bet (Bauder, Harladpp65-70). These Jews community arrived from the Europe and the Middle East in search of a better place of living . however during their immigration; they faced a lot of problems including the insecurity as a result of the constant wars, lack of traveling vessels. At the end of their migration, most of the Jews arrived in the Palestine, but they were constantly sent back by the British authorities who were in charge by that time. Many of these immigrants lost their lives at the hands of the Nazi people who occupied most of the Europe continent.

Some of the Jews who had earlier on settled in the Syria were made to move to the Palestine afterwards by using some operations which were seen as being unhuman. From the year of 1944 t0 the year of 1948, many Jews had started to find ways of escaping from Europe. Most of them managed to escape with the help of the Zionist youth movements. Majority of these immigrants settled in the Palestine. Later this Jews immigrants settled in the country of Israel after it s establishment. The Jews immigration remains a catastrophic migration since it caused a lot of wars with the Palestine, these wars are continuing up to date.

Immigration of the Kurds in Europe: The Kurds communities who have their origin in Turkey have constantly migrated to other European countries. Their migrated as a result of the Insecurity in their previous land as it bordered the Iraq country which is in constant attacks by the militants (AbdelMalek Sayad, pp14-25). At the same time these immigrants were forced to look for the green pasture in the European continent. Consequently they decided to immigrate due to the religious persecution in Turkey.

Most of the immigrants were generally Christians in nature. The Kurds migrated and settled in Italy especially in a city called as Badota. On arrival, these immigrants were received and welcomed, and consequently they were assimilated to the Italian culture. Conclusion Due to the fact that I am a poor undocumented immigrant, I have analyzed the political, economic, and social positions of the United States of America and Europe continent in general.

According to me I am highly encouraged to settle in the Unites states of America. First of all America is regarded as an exceptional country in the world . United states of America was a land of all . Historically it is recorded as one of the country which welcomed people from all over the world without any discrimination. At the same it allowed the foreign investors to adventure and exploits the economic resources without any discrimination. Although United States of America is composed of many races of people with different cultural diversities, it has proved that it has a common goal of moving forward.

The Democracy status of United States of America is quite outstanding compared with other European nations. Equality and liberty of the American citizens is the fundamental moral values in the United States of America. Lastly I can say that America is a head in the economic status. Owing to these factors I can prefer to settle in the United States of America since I am an immigrant searching for the best destination to settle. Works cited: Abdelmalek Sayad. , The Suffering of the Immigrant, Preface by Pierre Bourdieu, Polity Press 2004.

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