Immigration in America: cause and effects

The search for food and new land has driven humans from one end to another end. With time, the need increased into the quest of knowledge and thirst of wisdom, eventually as the periods started to pass by, development started in some countries, and some countries were left far behind. This partial development of the world brought a new kind of movement, known as migration. Countries were jobs, are scarce, and there is not enough money to be made to fulfill dreams, and desire, have started losing their citizens to developed countries, legally and illegally.

The United States of America is one such country, where people actually from all known parts of the world have emigrated, for a future full of hope and desire. The United States of America is perhaps the only country in the world, which is based on the pillars of migration by citizens of other nations over the periods of time. The actual citizens were supposed to be of Red Indian origins, and their tribes were demolished by the British army during their conquests, and the Caucasian population today has their ancestral origins in Europeans invaders and travelers.

These settlers then brought in slaves from other parts of the world, mainly then people from Africa, who were of health bodies, and were put on bare minimum wages, and were exploited by their masters. Eventually after many years of America’s independence, these people started voicing their rights, and they came into a category of “African-American”, and as the years passed, legally they got rights as normal citizens.

America as it developed from all spheres, a new kind of migration started commencing, which was based purely on  intellectual basis, and America started lenient immigration rules for people who held, high qualifications, and was filling up these vacant research positions at a brisk pace. These researchers mainly came from other European countries and countries like India, where there were a lot of over qualified but under approved and paid people.

America had a very relaxed immigration policy in the early 18th century, which lasted till the late 19th century; the policy of any curbing of immigrants was non existent till 1830, and it was only after the Civil War, that some legislatures were formed, and because of the heavy Chinese labor that was pouring in, “The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 and Alien Contract Labor laws were passed, along with fines up to 50 cents on immigrants.

As time passed by, newer and finer laws started getting passed to eliminate step by step and by 1891, a law was passed, where screening of people was required before migration was a revolutionary law in subject of migration for the United States of America as it brought in a form of selection for the migrants, and people, who were intellectually of not much help to the economy, or people with criminal backgrounds were started being screened out.

Another landmark came in the history of immigration laws of the United States of America is when in 1903, realized its borders especially with Mexico to curb the imminent flow of illegal migration. Laws kept on changing at minor levels, but the major shift in change that came was during the years 1917-1924 were based on quota systems, and oblige travelers to carry passports, and even went to a level of banning all Asians except people from Japan.

By the early 1940’s the government in US, started a new concept of registration, which can be considered as stepping stones of green card, given to people who are not American citizens and by 1951 green cards were officially the requisites for staying in United States as a non citizen. From that period of time till 1968, laws started getting refined and more sensible, where preferences were given to intellectual people, and the ban for Asian countries were lifted.