Immigration and asylum law

Immigration has to do with the movement of people from one country to another. Immigration could be for prolonged permanent residence or it could be for acquiring citizenship for that country. But we need to understand that there are laws that regulate to movement of people from one nation, state to another and it is necessary because it is very vital for the security of the various countries of the world.

The concept of immigration   is akin with the improvement and development of nation states and the law that guides them. To become a citizen of a country there are inalienable right to residence that you have to adhere to while the residence of immigrants is under some conditions made by the immigration law. This legal principle of nation-states guides every country to protect them from issues of home and security and also to avoid alien’s criminals and on identifiable people from entering the country.

This will preserve the country from abysmal acts like terrorism and other dangerous vices. This is why immigration law is very important and vital to any nation. And we need to also consider another issue    related to immigration which is called ‘Asylum’. Asylum means the protection given by a country to people who left their country maybe because of political disturbances or instability in their country.

In Africa, a country called Liberia, that has  witnessed political crises for decades which led to the death of millions of innocent Liberians because of the thrive of opposing so to called “God fathers” of polities, to become the president of the country. This led to countries continuous crises in Liberia for decades. It got to the point where rebels began to train young boys of 15-18 to join their army and surprisingly boy’s      of that age were taught how to shoot guns and there were also taught  combat, techniques.

But in 2002 the president of Nigeria reconciled the crises at that time by bringing one of the major political activist called Charles Taylor on an asylum to Nigeria where he was kept on asylum for about three years and he went back only after the       major crises in Liberia has resolved, this was when a female president was elected and the political and the        economic crises went back to normalcy. There are also laws that guide ‘Asylum’, in any country of the world. And it is just a way of extending a helping had to a country that is in political crises.

Asylum can be a very effective tool in maintaining peace within a country that is in political distress and crises. If it is perceived that the withdrawal of one person would lead to peace then the law of asylum is applied. It has been a major tool in resolving political crises in so many countries of the world and it is still being used as an effective strategy in resolving major crises in different countries. However, it poses a responsibility in the country that is going to give shelter to whoever is being taken into the country for ‘asylum’.

There needs to be adequate security, shelter, and protection of that person against assassination and other vices that may propel disturbances in the country that is going to      grant asylum. And immigration and asylum are closely related. A report by the secretary general on international migration and development proves that most international migrants stay in the high- income developed countries, 91 million in 2005. Law and lower-middle income countries, 64 percent in Oman. In Europe, and only Luxemburg approaches this level, with 45 percent of the labor in foreign countries.