Immigrants Diversify Society

As it becomes a considerably serious controversial topic, immigration should be seen as an advantage to us. Immigrants have revolutionized our society in distinct methods for our welfare. Immigrants diversify society by enriching the culture and influencing change.

Immigrants evolved culture for the generation currently and the generations to come. They expanded the cuisines and customs of the American culture. As new practices are being introduced, it teaches non-immigrants to be respectful of others traditions and rituals. It also allows Americans to broaden their customs when they combine their established ways with immigrant’s beliefs. By bringing their native-born population to other states, they’ve created more diversity. For example, employers are more interested in multilingual employees over an employee that just speaks one language. America has a growing language capacity ever since immigrants came from other countries. They’re resettlement to a new country advocates for an improved existence for the rest of society.

Immigrants has revolutionized the world by having fabricated America’s culture and establishing communities. While immigrants look for housing, they tend to choose neighborhoods that have been abandoned by others. Once they’ve moved in, the neighborhood then becomes alluring to different types of people. Therefore, they contribute to the start-up of a those areas when citizens of America contemplate buying a house. It brings a range of people together as a community. For instance, when Parvaneh and her family first moved it they were very distinct from the other people in the neighborhood. However, they soon got along with their neighbors and warmed Ove’s heart. Parvaneh cared deeply about Ove when he was at the hospital, since “it took the combined efforts of Patrick, Jimmy, Anders, Adrian, Mirsad, and four nurses to hold her back” (Backman 326). This also shows how many people she’s gathered together, ever since her arrival in their community. Immigrants relationships in America reshape it’s society.

Immigration has shaped America and will continue to as it develops the economy and immigrants integrate furthermore. The economy of America has exceedingly bettered. Since most immigrants go their whole life undocumented, they’re usually hired for a low-wage job that wouldn’t be taken by documented citizens of America. Therefore, immigration opens up more job opportunities for others and increases the productivity of the workers too. On top of that, high-skilled immigrants produce jobs too as they start businesses. Although thought otherwise by many, the increase in the population of immigrants boost economic productivity. The demand for more products provides more occupations, as the supply decreases the demand increases. Numerous innovations and services come from immigrants, so as their incomes increase so do others.

Overall, immigration has long-term benefits on the economy and formulates opportunities. Immigration integration leads America to be a supreme society. By integrating, immigrants contribute to America substantially. Preserving the language and culture of immigrants teaches them to be comfortable in this new environment and non-immigrants to be considerate. Another way immigrants integrate is by becoming citizens of America. They have the same rights as Americans and share their customs with them. Despite the fact that it’s not likely, it’s still very effective in integrating. Regardless of the fact that it’s a barrier, language can equally unify immigrants and non-immigrants by ensuring that they can obtain the resources necessary to communicate with one another. Several modifications make to America today came from immigration integration. As integration rises, the advantages it has will help our country immensely.

Immigration is truly promising for immigrants and America. The privileges immigrants have when they come to America really amplifies all the things they could accomplish. Their children could receive free public education from kindergarten to twelfth grade then to college. Education here is far superior than education. Once they’ve acquired the necessary knowledge for a career, they could apply and secure a job. Then, they would have a stable life in America because of their parent’s immigration. Moreover, employment for immigrants is available. Hence, they could continue to live in America without having to worry about money. In addition to all those perquisites, immigrating to America is safer than living in their foreign countries to a great deal of people. Plus, if one were to achieve citizenship in America, one would have additional rights. Even though they’re usually thought of as criminals, immigrants commit crimes at a lower frequency.

Having said that, immigration policies are based on stereotypical reasons because of this. A large amount of people are starting to realize that immigrants are just like non-immigrants though. They share a lot of the same goals and wish to fulfill them. Countless Americans are educating themselves on who immigrants genuinely are. They’re realizing that they just want a better-quality life like Americans. Immigrants on the other hand, comprehend the conditions living in America has. They’re going to be discriminated against, on account of their situation. Nevertheless, living in America spares chances of equality and a bright future for the immigrant. It’s a place where you can express yourself openly and freely. Lots of immigrants see it as a beacon of hope because of all the possibilities it has; “Immigrants come here to live the American Dream” (Griswold). Anyways, how immigrants view America and how Americans view immigrants should both be understanding of each other.

Immigration is crucial to America. It factually strengthens the economy and country as a whole. Without one’s individual immigration to make up an entire movement, there wouldn’t be modern change in this society. It is a needed action, in order to aid America and its assets.

From instituting America’s culture to changing to point of view of immigrants and Americans, immigration plays an imperative role in America’s world today. They assist America’s economy and promote the quality and style of life. Their labor in low-wage jobs is much needed. Along with that the variousness of our culture now