Illegal Immigration to the United States

Immigration to the United States is basically a movement of the non-residents that has been helping in stabilizing US population since 16th century. However in 21st century it has caused economic, social and political controversies in the nation. According to analysts there are about 10-12 million illegal immigrants living in US and about 500,000 more add up to this alien population every year (fairus. org, 2007). The illegal immigrants bring many problems for the citizens.

Weissinger (2007) has pointed out that taxpayers have to bear the costs in education, emergency medical care and crime for illegal immigrants; because most of them have false US documents. It is believed that American taxpayers every year pay about US$45 billion in taxes due to illegal immigrants. However there are others who argue that the controversy is proving tough for immigrants. The New York times (2007) has mentioned that “immigrant advocacy groups may be right in fearing that new naturalization exam from US Citizenship and Immigration Services will be too hard”. The politicians have their own views about illegal immigrants.

For example the Marion city Mayor John Neiland wants “ to rid his town of illegal immigrants, and is asking other cities in eastern Iowa to join him”. The reason he mentioned is that illegal immigrants are taking jobs from the city middle class (Times Republican, 2007). The Virginia House of Delegates approved a proposal to strip charities and other organization to stop support for illegal immigrants. The Attorney General Robert F. McDonnell is pushing for tougher laws related to illegal immigrants (Para pundit, 2007). On the other side President Bush is reserved about illegal immigration issue.

The New York Times editorial (2006) has pointed out that President Bush is “ realist on immigration issue”. The Tribune Chronicle (2007) has pointed out that President Bush wants to “make it easier for those who broke our laws to get into the United States to become American citizens”. The immigration is an issue which will haunt the American nation for a long time and it will take time to overcome this issue.


1. George Weissinger, "The Illegal Alien Problem: Enforcing the Immigration Laws. " 2007