Illegal Immigration Costs

This will be one of the prime means for collection of information and data and questionnaires will be extensively administered by the research team. The medium of telephonic and e mail interviews will also be used to obtain views on various critical issues. The questionnaires will be sent both via fax and e mail and a time span of two weeks will be allowed for the response. Interview Interviews will form an interactive part of this study and they will be carried out after the secondary research is done. Published interviews by subjects duly authenticated will also be used for the purpose.

The method in which conclusions will be derived The most important issue in drawing conclusions from data representation is that the process is not a sequential one. However no conclusion can be drawn until there is a clear data display. Consequently, after having implemented within-case analysis, the findings will be compared with a review of literature to determine the issues related to impingement of illegal immigrants on health care sector in California and conclusions will be drawn thereof. Resources Required

The research involves extensive compilation of data and details based on factual study, surveys, analysis and questionnaires. There is a need for staff to administer the same, collate and present the data for analysis. There is also a need to provide for traveling, daily and other related expenditure of the staff. A contingency grant will also be required. Thus a summary of the resources required is as given below:- (a) Personnel. A staff of five researchers is envisaged for a period of 30 days. These will perform the composite task of collection of information, collation and presentation for analysis.

Contingency assignments will also be performed by these personnel. (b) Budget. The budget will include payment of the hired temporary researchers, contingency grant, travel and daily expenditure. The payment to temporary researchers for a period of 30 days is envisaged to be $ 2000 per researcher, thus a of $ 10,000. Traveling and daily allowance for outdoor work will be at the rate of $ 100 per day for 5 researchers for 20 days, which will come to $ 10,000. In addition a contingency grant of approximately $ 15,000 will be required.

Thus the total budget will be approximately $ 35,000. (c)  Assurances. There will also be a need to obtain relevant assurances and clearances from the state health department and the immigration authorities to compile the details. In addition the citizen groups dealing with immigrants will also need to be taken into confidence. Conclusion The large scale migration of illegal migrants in California has resulted in a diversion of disproportionate resources from public services such as health, education and so on to cater for their needs.

The health care requirements of the migrants are particularly heavy given their poor medical history and background of coming from relatively under developed areas with limited health services. There are reasonable grounds to believe that migrants take up a large amount of health care resources in California. However the impact of this off take lacks clarity and thus needs to be evaluated separately which is being attempted in the research.

This study will be extremely cost effective as indicated by the total budget of $ 35,000 which has been demanded as against the budgetary expenditure of $ 1. 4 billion on health and hospital services for illegal immigrants in California every year.


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