Illegal Immigrants Working in the U.S.A.

Discussions regarding the illegal immigrants working in the USA is a seemingly long, drawn out political and social battle. The people who want to remove the illegal immigrants from the USA argue that the illegal immigrants drain the welfare system of funding needed by the citizens and legal immigrants to this country. They also speak of high crime rates supposedly brought about by the entry of illegal immigrants. What these people fail to consider is that these illegal immigrants are the people who work the dirty and menial jobs that citizens of the United States of America prefer not to do.

They are the apple pickers who make sure that the produce makes it to the markets the day it is plucked off the tree. They are the clean-up workers  who make sure that our environment remains as clean and presentable as possible so that our cities do not look dirty and our homes do not stink. Instead of showing these people, who work hard and do not complain, that we appreciate them, we instead want to have them deported and banned from entry into the country. America is the epitome of a modern urbanized country.

The workers of the nation concentrate more on office jobs and technological skills as their main labor force. This leaves the agricultural and basic skills sector with almost no workforce. According to the Pew Hispanic Center, there are 6. 3 million illegal workers with half of them coming from Mexico. Most of these people fill in the employment gaps in the manual labor sector of the country such as farm hands and factory workers. These Mexicans are hard workers with families to feed in their home country. There is no job shortage in Mexico [citation needed] so that is not the reason that they come here.

The reason they come here is based upon financial factors. Mexicans have big extended families and the job wages that are offered in the work sector of Mexico is not enough to keep a family housed and fed. That is why they come to the USA to find work. It is a matter of survival for these people. They do not come here because they want to steal anything from the citizens, they only want to work and have money to send home to keep their family alive. Granted that they are sending money out of the country and sending it to Mexico.

Mexico then benefits from the money sent by these workers. But they earned the money fair and square. Therefore, they can do whatever they wish to with the money earned. That includes sending to their family over the border. The world is a global economy. It functions because countries exchange money each time they transact with each other either by work remittances or inter government contracts. No matter what we do, the dollars leave the country by the millions on a daily basis and not just because of the illegal immigrants.

According to the study and survey done by the PEW Hispanic Center 6. 3 million illegal immigrants left their jobs in Mexico in order to try their luck in the Untied States. A mere 5 percent said they were unemployed in Mexico. Yet, they chose to leave Mexico because they feel that the country does not have a chance of economic improvement, the job environments are hazardous and there are no long term prospects for job promotions. Nobody who is doing very well as a worker in his home country would want to leave and tempt fate in a country where the language spoken is foreign to them.

The reason that they risk their lives crossing the border is that the government of Mexico is unable to address the workers woes in a timely and effective manner. Once an illegal immigrant makes it into the country, he does not try to take a high profile job in a top 500 corporation because he is not documented and therefore would not be able to even apply for a mail room job. No, he knows his place and realizes that because he is undocumented, he risks deportation if caught. He swallows his pride and does lowly jobs in the USA even if he is professional in Mexico.

He stays in the background, for example, as a farmers hand or assistant. . Becky Jimenez explains in her article” Illegal Immigrant Work Hard To Stay in America” (2006)  that the American view of what makes a good job has been distorted because “ We automatically assume that working in arduous hard labor, such as grape picking and construction, are bad jobs. Surely, we all strive to do better but let's not forget who actually does these tiring jobs. ”  According to Mandy Minor, in her article (2007)  “Illegal Workers” the illegal immigrants work for as low as $300 a week.

Part time wages as far as an American is concerned and not worth the trouble of the job. For the illegal worker though, that can feed his family in Mexico for a month. My further research in order to substantiate my claim led me once again to research and surveys done by the PEW Hispanic Center contained in the aforementioned article indicating that Mexicans fill the void in jobs such as “… many types of labor needed around the country, including construction in Atlanta, Dallas and Raleigh; hospitality in New York; manufacturing in Chicago; and agriculture in California.

These four industries employed about two-thirds of survey respondents. ”  the truth of the matter is that the USA still has a booming economy in the agricultural and construction sectors. Therefore the need for workers to do manual labor in those areas. There may be Americans willing to work the jobs but they won’t work as cheaply as the illegal immigrants are willing to. The same article reports that the survey is important because “The study also found that immigrants have little trouble finding work in the United States, despite the lack of legal rights to work.

After six months in the United States, only 5% of the immigrants reported being unemployed. This statistic reveals how important these immigrant workers are to the United States economy, because they perform jobs that few others are willing to do. ” In the same article by Becky Jimenez, she further states that  “The problem is we are making it harder and harder to become a legal citizen. I think after a certain number of years an immigrant lives in America he or she should be able to be considered a legal resident, and finally obtain documentation to apply to be an American citizen.

Illegal immigrants play an important role in the American workforce and therefore, could be hard to eliminate. Without illegal or legal immigrants, we would be lost. Who would we have to fill all of their jobs? ” By removing all the illegal immigrants from the country, our country would face the difficult decision of closing their shops or outsourcing the work cheaply to Latin American countries. Whatever decision they choose in that scenario will hurt the country. Working cheaply for the country is not hurting the country.

Paying more than a company can afford to pay a worker is what actually hurts the economy. I agree with her opinion mostly because illegal immigrants who work hard in this country and do their best to stay out of  trouble have earned the right to respect from the citizens of the land. Respect based in gratefulness because they do their part to help us keep our country running even though they are not entitled to benefits because of their work status. The illegal immigrants whether Mexican, Asian, or European do their best to integrate themselves into the country.

So why can’t we give them the chance to prove themselves? They do not ask us for much. Just that they be allowed to try and achieve that which America stands for, “The Land of Opportunity” it is called. Yet the land seems to be very selfish about these opportunities being handed out. Getting a visa even as a tourist to enter the USA is like trying to threat a needle and oftentimes, the laws and requirements for getting the visa, such as ties to the home country or business papers are hard for these people to prove.

We do not need to accept an unlimited number of immigrants into the country, we just need a better screening process and more reasonable requirements to give them all a fair shot at a work visa. The illegal immigrants never wanted to be illegal in this country. What they do want is to be able to do is have a fair shot at a decent job in the country. Sure they want to save money and then take that money home with them. Show me a legal or illegal worker in the country, not necessarily Mexican who is not currently doing that. Filipinos are big dollar remitters. They see the country as a stepping stone towards achieving their dreams.

That is how the USA is portrayed all over the world. It is not a crime to want a better life and achieve it by working to further your cause. Although the method of work is an issue. it is just that getting legal documentation to enter the country legally has become next to impossible. Jeff Jacoby in his article The Demonization of Illegal Immigrants (2007), explains the visa issue for the illegal immigrants as follows; “ The great majority of immigrants who enter the United States lawfully qualify for visas because of family ties: They are lucky enough to be related to a US citizen.

For them, there is indeed a line — the waiting time for a family-based visa can take upward of 10 years. A smaller number of legal immigrants are granted visas because they have advanced degrees or specialized skills and a job is waiting for them. For most illegal immigrants, a legal option simply doesn't exist. Under current law, a young Mexican or Salvadoran who wants to improve his life by moving to America and working hard at a useful job generally has just two options: (a) Enter illegally, or (b) stay out forever. Several hundred thousand a year choose option (a). ”

Perhaps developing seasonal work visas, such as the proposed Guest Worker Program of President Bush is a step in the right direction and would be a part of the solution to illegal immigration. They would have papers to work legally in the country and their families will be fed in their home country using the money remitted to them from the USA. According to Jennifer and Peter Wipf’s article The Guest Worker Program: Both Sides of the Issue / Political Stands (2007) , under the proposed Guest Worker Program, the president hopes to match  “… willing foreign workers with willing employers when no Americans can be found to fill the job.

This reform will be good for our economy, because employers will find needed workers in an honest and orderly system. " For those illegal immigrants who have lived in the United States for decades, why not give them a chance to become legal immigrants provided that they can present evidence of being an asset to the country such as dutifully paying taxes and even joining civic organizations or activities that help shape the nation. Michael Medved stated in his opinion column Who Should Stay? Who Should Go (2007) that the best way to handle the illegal immigration problem would perhaps be to divide and conquer.

Meaning that the government would “ Divide the immigrants who ought to leave from those who deserve to stay, and then conquer the families who pursue legal status with the overwhelming power of the American dream that they've chosen to embrace. ” In conclusion, we must come to realize that illegal immigrants have families to feed and lives to lead just like everyone else. They were not lucky enough to be born in the land where opportunity is abundant even though they too have the same ambitions and skills as the citizens of the land.

All they ask for is a chance to see how the ideology can benefit them as well. References Jacoby, Jeff. “The Demonizing of Illegal Immigrants. ” The Boston Globe (2007) The author of this article clearly indicates that the citizens of the nation have been conditioned to believe that illegal immigrants are criminals because they enter the country illegally while the truth is that there simply is no other way for people like them to get into the country legally. A native of Cleveland, Jeff Jacoby graduated with honors from George Washington University in 1979, and from Boston University Law School in 1983.