Identify and Describe the Roles and Responsibilities

Client Duties – The Client is an individual or an organization that has construction work carried out as part of their business.

Clients duties should have a role of an input to take part in or to take action which is to have responsibilities of having health and safety signs in places around the construction site at all times, they should also be able to ensure that they have welfare facilities such as washing facilities, dining room where the employers can have their time to read newspapers, eat or drink, they also need to have a first aid room where there is first-aid box, whereas there should be a appointed person at all times to take charge of first-aid arrangements and also there should be a person to take down all the information for all employees giving details of first-aid arrangements.

Clients should also provide exist area for emergency exists just in case if there is a fire going on or some kind of an emergency which has taken part on the site, so it can be easy for all the employers to get out of the construction site. A client must assign information at all times about what is happening in the construction site and about how stuff are going on the location.

Under construction and design management regulation their health and safety responsibilities are below:

• To ensure that the working condition is with regard to health and safety is in the place

• To ensure that the planned work is not going to put others at risks

• To check the ability and the resources of all appointments such as designers and etc

• They must ensure that the construction work doesn’t begin unless aconstruction plan is in the place with the services they need and also the facilities are on the site

• To keep update and give access to the health and safety for the project

• To give all the information connecting to the health and safety policy to the CDM coordinator

The Main Contractors – Main contractors are the employer’s, which holds the most significant contract/agreement of the building plan and a main contractor is usually in charge to supply of what is needed on the construction site such as equipment, tools, materials, vehicle and etc. They should make sure they maintain contractors and ensure authorised access is only on site with the security guards at the gate and making sure at least two security guards are always in the place.

The main contractor must:

• Main contractor must plan, manage and monitor their work and the workers

• Main contractor must coach and train their own employees so they know what they are doing

• Main contractor should provide information to their workers

• Main contractor must provide all the information needed for the health, accidents and safety talks that lead to health and safety

• Main contractor must ensure there are enough clean welfare facilities for their workers on the site

Subcontractors – A subcontractor is a person who is made-up to follow an existing contract which is to carry out a piece or all of the coercion that he/she has given to do by the principle or general contractor. Subcontractors must be given a site introduction, to reduce the expenses or relieve the danger of something happening in the project. An experienced individual assists them to meet the regulation of health and safety which is under COSHH which means Control substance Hazardous to Health.

They are there to ensure that they have a process system and statements to give workers with risk assessment because it will help out to put up signs and fences such as Silt fence so the people there would know that there is a hazard work which is not finished as they will be signs hanged on the site and it will help them from their life been at risk.

Subcontractors need to:

• Subcontractor must provide details to the main contractor and also provide information to the health and safety policy

• Subcontractor must inform main contractor about hazards, risks and etc on the site in order to carry out everything safely

• A subcontractor must carry out regular talks

• A subcontractor must co – operate with others and co – ordinate work

The HSE – Health and Safety Executive – HSE is in charge to help the regulation by law and its enforcement. There are lots of types of HSE like there are several jobs that can transmit to HSE. HSE was created by the health and safety work at 1974 act. They are mainly set up to have power over health and safety to stop injuries happening on site and making sure more employers and workers on the construction site are safe and they have no risk

. They are out there to carry out guides so that they can turn out guides on how to do possessions or use in a safe manner so they can change the law. They role is to go on a construction site, give out instructions and guides to the workers that don’t obey with the rules/law, that is when the enforcement team comes in to handle the work on site it would either be given a advance notices which is a warning so they don’t do it again and also they might get exclusion notice which means they might have to closed down the site work.

The HSE – Health and Safety Executive must:

• The HSE must perform health and safety inspection visits sometimes in a week

• The HSE (Health and Safety Executive ) must ensure that HSE conditions are displayed on site at all times

• The HSE must prevent from injuries and deaths from incident

• The HSE must ensure that all the incidents and accidents are investigated as soon as possible

Local Authority – Local authority is governmental aspect of neighbourhood management. It is the local committee who are the local council of that particular borough or region who do the setting up consent as they work mostly on roads, highway and motorway protection which means they have to interchange traffic lights or block some lines of the motorway or roads, they have to do it in such a way to create it safer in the region and they also have to protect the surroundings areas of the region similarly if there is a waterway close by so just in case no other risky chemicals can go inside the waterway and cause to kill the nature or the wildlife.

Local Authority must:

• Local Authority must planned that the work which is going to take place is not going to put others people around the region or the environment at risk

• Local Authority must make sure that the noise level is acceptable during the project

• Local Authority must be working in conditions with regard to health and safety are in place

• Local Authority must ensure that the project plan is safety proposition and is accepted and agreed by the local authority

CDM – Construction Design Management Coordinator – CDM are there to make sure that the designers are alert of their own duties, to support the client pleasing his duties. Also making sure that the health & safety file is given over to the client and he holds keep of it. They are to progress setting up the project. They advise the clients on the ability with the needs of dealings and also to ensure that the designers, contractors, principle of the project and etc work with each other in the project, making sure everything goes according to how its need to be done.

CDM – Construction Design Management Coordinator must:

• CDM must notify HSE and obtain approvals

• CDM must prepare health and safety files

• CDM must collect all the info that is needed

• CDM must keep a communication between the designer, client and the contractors at all times