Hard Rock

1.1 Introduction

The Hard Rock Cafe is a well-known, world-wide company that offer customers a very unique experience when they visit one of their stores. From the minute they enter to the minute they leave they are bombarded with different attractions from the memorabilia to their high quality food and drink menus. Through this assignment the 10 decisions of operations management will be discussed in relation to the Hard Rock Café, The kitchen staff and waiting on staff productivity and also how the 10 operations would vary from The Hard Rock Café to a Ford Motor Company.


2.1 The 10 Decisions of Operations Management

Throughout Operations Management there are 10 main decisions, each company has to take into consideration if they want to be a successful company. These decisions are both strategic and tactic decisions. These decisions are listed below:

i. Design of Goods and Servicesii. Managing Qualityiii. Process Strategyiv. Location Strategiesv. Layout Strategiesvi. Human Resourcesvii. Supply Chain Managementviii. Inventory Managementix. Schedulingx. Maintenance

To begin with the design of goods and services of The Hard Rock Café applies to the store layout and things are designed for the customers. With The Hard Rock Café its most important factor is customer satisfaction, so everything they do from start to end is designed on making the customer having the best experience possible within that time. The main reason behind this is because if they enjoy themselves they are more likely to come back and also they will tell people about the experience so this is more likely to attract more people if it has good reviews from its customers.

The next decision is managing quality of everything the customers have experienced and the way in which they do this is by giving customers a survey to fill and everything is rated out of 7. This survey has everything covered that the café has to offer from its food and drink to what the customers think of the memorabilia. The Hard Rock Café has a saying that if it’s not rated 7 (7 being the best) then it’s a fail.

This shows that they are very strict on the quality and want each person to have the best time possible and if they didn’t they want to know so they can improve for next time. The next decision is the process strategy of The Hard Rock Café. This refers to the way in which they get customers in. They appeal to customers who are tourists and they appeal to tourists through advertising and also from the previous customers telling other people about their experience.

The location strategies of The Hard Rock Café is very important; if the wrong place is chosen then the company can lose a lot of money as they won’t make any profits. When choosing a location it is important that it’s taking into consideration who the customers are. The main customers are tourists so the best location choice would in big cities near town centers as this is where most tourists would go, rather than way out into the countryside where hardly anyone is The layout strategies are very important as this how The Hard Rock Café makes 48% of its revenue on sales through is memorabilia.

It is very important that the staff take the customer the correct way around the café making sure that its shop is one of the stops. After the tour is finished the end in the café for the customers to purchase some food and drink. The human resources for The Hard Rock Café make sure that all the staff are the correct staff for the job. The café employs a large variety of staff that includes: • Kitchen staff

• Wait staff• Hostesses• BartendersThe Hard Rock Café makes sure that all the employees all have the correct job skill but they are all passionate about music and have friendly personalities. By doing all this it ensures that the customers have the most enjoyable time with their host. The supply chain management is very important to The Hard Rock Café as this has to make sure that all the memorabilia is delivered to the right store on time and that all the shops have enough goods to be able to sell. Furthermore it also has to make sure that all the restaurants have enough food and enough drinks to sell as if they run out then they would lose out on money.

Also if they didn’t have what the customer wanted then the customer might not give the Café as high of review. The inventory management is also a very important factor in The Hard Rock Café as they need to keep track of exactly which memorabilia has gone to which cafe.

They even keep track of which wall it is kept on in the particular café. This is vital as these items will be worth a lot of money and if they went missing then the company would lose out on money. Scheduling management is also important to The Hard Rock Café as each customer is booked in for their tour around the café and they are booked in on a tight schedule of every 15minutes. This is to ensure the previous customer has enough time to look around and purchase items without being rushed, and also to maximize the amount of customers they can get into the café.

Maintenance is also important as the café needs to be kept looking nice so all the customers feel like they are in a clean environment, also the kitchens need to be cleaned regular so they pass the health and safety inspection. Furthermore the memorabilia is cleaned on a yearly basis and on piece is taken down cleaned and refurbished and is then put back up. This is to ensure that the parts aren’t damaged and they all look as if they were new.

2.2 Productivity of Kitchen and Waiting Staff

The productivity of the kitchen staff and the waiting on staff would be determined by many ways. For the kitchen staff their productivity can be decided by how many meals they make each day for example The Hard Rock Café in Orlando serves of 3500 meals a day (information found on hand-out leaflet). This would be the productivity of the kitchen staff. However the waiting on staff’s productivity could be determined on how many customers they take round each day as they are booked in every 15mins. This means on an average with a 9-5 day they could take round a possibility of 32 customers per staff. This would be the same for the bar staff as well.

Their productivity would be measured by how many drinks are sold to the customers on a daily basis. If a certain café wasn’t doing as well as the other café then the management staff would need to look into that particular one and determine why its sales are lower and how it could be improved. This is why it’s good to check productivity as the manager can see exactly where sales are lowest and where they are the highest.

2.3 Hard Rock Compared To Ford Company

The ten operations management decisions are the same for every company but the way in which the company decides which is the best approach for them varies depending who they are trying to appeal to. For example if The Hard Rock Café was being compared to a Ford Motor Company then its outcomes would be very different.

For example with the first one design of goods and services, when talking about The Hard Rock Café its talking about the different services the offer such as food, drink and their memorabilia, and everything they do iscustomer beneficial. Whereas if this was related to the Ford Motor company then their design of goods would be more the design of their cars, different style of fords and why that’s better than other retailers.

The next decision is the managing quality process, with The Hard Rock Café they have the customer satisfaction service to see how the customers feel about their café where as with Ford Motor Company the customer satisfaction is measured on if the customer buys the car after being showed round the showroom, if they do buy it then they are satisfied with its performance and it will do what they need it to do.

With process strategy, The Hard Rock Café advertises through leaflets and people recommending them to other people. Whereas with Ford motor company the way in which they advertise their cars is through adverts on TV and through other people recommending how good the cars been for them. Also through past experience of dealing with that car company.

With location strategies, The Hard Rock Café go for big cities where all the tourist are as they are their main customers whereas Ford Motor Company they will go to towns and big cities as everyone needs a car.

The layout strategies of The Hard Rock Café are a specific layout so that the customers go past all the important attractions and then stop at the end in the shop and café to purchase items and food. Whereas the Ford Motor Company keeps the garage and the showroom separate from each other, they also put the sale cars close to the windows to try and get customers in if they can see a good offer.

The human resources of The Hard Rock Café is that the staff have to love music and be really friendly to the customers whereas with the ford company they need to know about cars to be able to describe to the customers what they are buying and they need to be good at making a sale.

The supply chain management of The Hard Rock Café is to ensure that all the shops have enough food and drink to sell and to make sure that the shop has enough gifts in stock and the don’t run out. Whereas with the Ford Motor Company the supply chain is to make sure they have enough cars in the showroom and that they have enough parts in the garage out back to be able to repair cars if they come in with a fault.

The Inventory management of The Hard Rock Café is keeping track of its memorabilia so they know exactly where it is at all times. Whereas with the Ford Motor Company they keep track of the cars they have in stock and which parts they have in stock, so that if a car needs a part it can be sent from another company quicker than it can from the warehouse.

With scheduling The Hard Rock Café books customers in every 15 minutes so they can have their tour around the café and they go a certain way around the shop. Whereas with Ford Motor Company people can turn up any time to look at cars but they can book in for a test drive of a certain car before they buy it.

Finally with maintenance of The Hard Rock Café it keeps the café and kitchens clean and also clean the memorabilia once a year to keep it looking new. Whereas with the Ford Motor Company they will clean the cars kept outside once every two days and also the cars they have sold are recommended to have a service to keep them running properly and more efficient, and this should be done at least once a year if not sooner.

3.03.1 Summary

This assignment discussed 10 decisions of operations management in relation to the Hard Rock Café. The kitchen staff and waiting on staff productivity has been talked about and how that allows each store to keep track of its sales. Furthermore the 10 operations were then discussed on how they would be different for The Hard Rock Café compared to a Ford Motor Company. 4.0

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